The New Guy – Poe the Gnome

Edgar and Allan have a new friend to complete their triangle.  His name is Poe.

Poe came from the Wood Craft Fair this passed weekend.  While The Roomie was walking around with him everyone commented how cute and then how he is so soft.

This is was the table he came from.  There were so many others to be adopted but The Roomie could only choose one.  Poe practically jumped off the table.

Allan came from a Craft Fair too.  He was excited to come to live at the house.


History and Shopping Together…Sweet!

Our weekend adventure was a blend of Historical and Craft Fairing.

We went the historic Moland House.  Every year they have 1 or 2 Craft Fairs here.  The Roomie got some tasty brittle and we got a nice day out, lol.

Me, Elsa and Corin had a great time.

It was St. Paddy’s day so we figured it wouldn’t be right not to invite Paddy and Corin on our adventure today.

The sky was so blue and the fresh air was amazing!

After we left the Moland House we went to Temenenemenenen Park.  That’s not really the name but the Roomie says it like this…mostly because she is weird.

After we left the park we decided it only right to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Mexican Food.

It was a great St. Paddy’s Day!!!  I hope yours was too!

Seeing The Shrine

Saturdays in Autumn are for Craft Fairing.  This past Saturday was the mother lode of CF days.  We had multiples and one of those was at St. Katharine Drexel Shrine.  I had never been to the Shrine and neither had the Roomie so we thought this was a win/win.  The Campus is closing in January and the body of St. Katharine is being moved to somewhere in Philadelphia from the Bensalem, PA campus.  St. Katharine lived here for many years before her death and it was the Mother House for her order.

The Chapel is magnificent.  It reminded me a lot of the churches in Britain.  It kind of made me feel like I was back home again.

St. Katharine was an amazing woman who grew up wealthy and gave it all up to take care of her fellow human beings.  Her focus was to enable the Native American and African-American women and children a chance at a better life through education and endowment.  She founded colleges and schools and helped to provide medical help when needed to the poorest among us.  She used the money left to her by her parents ($15 million) to fuel her endeavors.

It made me sad that this beautiful campus has been sold.  Luckily her vision is still being upheld by her Order.  We were just glad we got to see all of this and to kneel and pray to her before she is moved.  Well the Roomie did that while I took selfies in the chapel.

I personally like the Park CF’s.  I get to play in the forest!!

Autumn Adventures

Autumn festivus is really getting in full go mode in our little block of the woods.  We’ve been lucky that the weather has  been very cooperative with our many adventures.  The Roomie’s kind of a stinker when it’s cold and rainy out and I drag her through the woods.  I think it’s the spider thing.

The Arts Festival on the Hill

The Chestnut Hill Arts Festival was this weekend and it was a lot of fun.  This is one of my favorite towns within the “Big City” and by big city I am of course referring to PHILADELPHIA.

Someday you'll see me on this stage!

B101 was on hand for some musicus festivus

We even managed to squeeze in a Craft Show this weekend where the Roomie got lots of Halloween stuff.  Me I got a candy apple…you know…because I have priorities!

Here Housed the Craft Fair

And this wasn’t all I did this weekend.  This Troll is hot and happenin’!