Mikey Loves The Snow

…and sunsets.

It’s been excessively cold this winter.  The snow has been pretty steady too.  Mikey loves the snow and the cold.  Being the “undead” has its perks. You never get cold, lol.

The sunset was really pretty.  The pictures do not do it justice.  It made a band of pink throughout the sky once the sun set.  So very pretty!

Mikey is also excited that the Eagles are playing on Sunday.  We are all hoping they make it to the Super Bowl.  Bjorn…he’s excited about the Olympics and watching some Curling, Go Norway!

Happy President’s Day

The gang hung out with some of the Former President’s to celebrate their day!

IMG_8445 (400x300)

Jimmy and Eddie took the day to take some pictures and chat with the Old Dudes.

IMG_8440 (400x300)

Jimmy wasn’t clear as to why there isn’t a Famous Writer’s Day.  Eddie just rolled his eyes.

IMG_8446 (400x300)

OMG…is that a smile on Eddie’s face?  It’s probably going to snow!

IMG_8464 (400x300)

I think Eddie jinxed us, lol.  Bjorn is back on the beat these days.

IMG_8457 (400x300)

He’s looking rested these days.  Me and Thad hung out with Bjorn and his brother Boone yesterday.  It was a good time but we had a bit of Olympics rivalry going.

IMG_8449 (300x400)

Bjorn and Boone pulled out their colors so we did too.  Since Norway lost to Great Britain in Men’s Curling yesterday I thought I’d be nice to the poor guy.  He takes his Curling seriously!

IMG_8447 (300x400)

We may be American Elves but in the end our hearts belong to Canada’s Women’s Curling team.  WE LOVE YOU JENNIFER!!!

Silver’s Not That Bad

Tonight I watched the Curling Gold Metal round with a bunch of my friends.  We ate, drank and cheer on our favorite teams.  Being from Norway of course I cheered for them to take the gold.  Despite their awesome pants it wasn’t to be as Canada took the Gold in 10 Ends.

At our house,  Curling is the most important winter Olympic sport.  So when Jenn’s favorite Canada was playing Norway for the Gold there was much smack talk going on around the domicile.  I know what you  are thinking…isn’t smack talk completely the opposite of what Curling stands for?  Yeah, it is but Jenn’s from Philly so, you know, she can’t help herself.  And in my defense we’ve lived together too long…I’ve acquired some bad habits.  I totally blame her.

So I say Congratulations to Canada…it was great to play against you and don’t get too comfortable because the Norwegians will play another day!

Canada vs. Norway for the Gold Medal