Weekend Adventures

Weekend adventure to the Library and Outback for a tasty steak.  Life is good.

We checked out some good books.  Let the Reading begin!


Eddie & Jimmy: The Hunger Games Edition

So on Saturday we went to the early morning viewing of The Hunger Games.  Everyone has read the book so of course we wanted to see if it lived up to the original.

Eddie turn off your cell phone...

The movie was very good.  Jennifer Lawrence was a great Katniss.

It was a bit rainy but we worked around that and after the movie we went to the OG for some lunch. Jimmy noticed we watched The Hunger Games and we were hungry.  How’s that for coincidence? Oh and Bjorn wanted his picture taken too because apparently he’s the founder of this blog…blah, blah, blah.

I mean I know this guy is famous and stuff but seriously while he was out and about we have been putting up some seriously awesome adventures.  Jimmy said I’m just bitter.  Anyway we went to the OG.

So while we were at the OG we ran into Wonder Woman who is way more famous than Bjorn.  Just sayin’!

Kick was there too.  I’m not sure where she came from but Jimmy said she went to the movies with us.  I for one would think I would notice if a 3″ Nun was tagging along.

Eddie…I told you she was there…check it out…here is our picture!

Yes Jimmy Kick was there.  Anyway…good movie…good food…great company.  Not bad for a rainy Saturday!

Eddie & Jimmy Go Out To Dinner

The Roomies were going out to dinner and asked us if we wanted to go along too.  Since I love drinking food and Jimmy is usually doing nothing but lying around I told him to put on his eatin’ britches we’s going out!

I had to ask Bean if she would help us out by putting us closer to the action.

It was a much better being on the table than under it.  HA HA…first time for everything with me.  So no one told me that the table was hot.  Well Jimmy said he told me but usually I think he’s lying to me.

You know because he walks with a cane and doesn’t even have a limp.

Jimmy learns first hand what happens when Roomie leaves the rescue spoon in the fondue pot…HA HA HA.

Jimmy was overwhelmed by the heat and he passed out.  So I quick got myself a whiskey and water.

What can I say…I love me some fondue!  Then on to desert.  Jimmy woke right up when he heard the word CHOCOLATE!

So Roomie asked me if she had anything in her teeth…of course she did…like always.

OMG…Someone get her a breath mint before she kills me!!!

If you ever get a chance to go to the Melting Pot…GO.  If you don’t get the chance…work on your schedule and make it happen people.

Fondue is fun, the atmosphere is lovely and they do not discriminated against short alcoholic poets.