Vote….It’s Important!

The Roomies are voting today.  We all got caught up in the spirit of the vote!

The Twins are very excited about their first appearance on Bjorn’s page.  Oh and what an exciting day to be here!


Elves Weekend!

IMG_2309 (300x400)

This weekend we headed out to the Fall Arts Festival in a nearby village.  It was quite the scene.

IMG_2310 (300x400)

Thad was getting a little stir crazy since he’s been on the mend so I thought it was a good idea to get outside.

IMG_2250 (400x300)

I’ve lived most of my life amongst the Gnomes even though I’m an elf so hanging out with Thad this weekend was pretty cool.  He’s a former Santa Helper (retired) so usually he’s too busy in the fall to do stuff and was loving every minute of the Fall Festival!

IMG_2247 (400x300)

It’s been unusually warm of late but I hear that might change.

IMG_2303 (400x300)

IMG_2304 (400x300)

Even with the heat it’s a wonderful time of a year!  Another Autumn adventure for the books!

Elven Tragedy Averted

Thad who is new to our group suffered a fall and broke his ankle.  He only arrived two weeks ago!

IMG_1955 (400x300)

We were all terribly concerned for him so we brought in an expert.  Dr. Spock gave him the once over and determined the leg could be saved!  I was concerned that Dr. Spock is a PhD not a MD but all seemed to think it was okay.

IMG_1958 (300x400)

Thad was up standing almost immediately which was a good sign.

IMG_1961 (400x300)

Homie and Jasper who also took a tumble at the same time were glad their delicate friend is going to be a-okay!  Everyone rejoiced and had cookies and milk…which are Thad’s favorite 🙂

Who knew being an Elf was so dangerous!