Oh Wait…There’s The Snow!

We had hoped for snow.  The weather people went on and on about the “BIG” storm that would dump snow on our Metropolis.  I complained about the big bust of no snow yesterday.  This morning I woke up at 5:30 am to let the dogs out and it was snowing…a lot.

Oh my, it’s snowing still.  Way to cluck up the forecast weather guy.

Does this look like Partly Sunny and 47 degrees to you Teddy?

Does this look like Partly Sunny and 47 degrees to you Teddy?

No It does not Linus.

No It does not Linus.

I didn’t know the weather would continue to be snowy this morning so I chose the wrong car to drive to work.

If it doesn’t stop soon driving home in the Vette is going to be interesting!

I’ve totally decided on a new profession.  I’m going to be a weather man and get lots of money for always been wrong.  That will be later…right now I have to go to the store and get the last loaf of bread and some milk!

Even On Good Friday The Mets Suck

…That’s what she said…HA!

Yesterday Scooter and I Modeled the Before and After of his new look.  The look is reminiscent of his day in Boot Camp but it’s a stylin’ do.  As is evident in the pictures below.

And Scooter looks so happy….

Smile Scooter 🙂

Today I was all havin’ a cup of joe when Scooter surprises me with his wardrobe today…YEAH MAN…The Mets do suck.  I quick grabbed my sign to take some pictures because it was too awesome a moment to miss!

So far the day is starting off to an awesome tune.



I took some time to smell the flowers…

p.s.s.  The Mets still suck!


It figures your mind would go there.  It stands for Wednesday, Thursday, FRIDAY!

It’s a rainy day in the ‘burbs but it’s Friday so I’m living with it.  Another Nor’Easter is hitting us the weekend and the weather guy with the bowtie looks like he’s about to piss himself with excitement.  He’s calling for 3-6″ of RAIN.  Are you shitting me with that calculation?  Six inches of rain would equal 60’ of snow.  So Bowtie Man put on a diaper and F-off!  I definitely have issues with the Bowtie Guy.

Anyway, it’s still a work day and I’d better get back to mine.  Scooter and I are working diligently on a project of massive proportions.  No, I’m not talking about what we are having for lunch…any way that was yesterday.

Ah…the smell of coffee in the morning!  Not as good as the smell of Jack Daniels in the evening but almost as good.

Enjoy your day, ya’ll!