The New Guy – Poe the Gnome

Edgar and Allan have a new friend to complete their triangle.  His name is Poe.

Poe came from the Wood Craft Fair this passed weekend.  While The Roomie was walking around with him everyone commented how cute and then how he is so soft.

This is was the table he came from.  There were so many others to be adopted but The Roomie could only choose one.  Poe practically jumped off the table.

Allan came from a Craft Fair too.  He was excited to come to live at the house.


The Best Garden In Town

The Roomie has a special place that she loves more than other places.  It’s the Morris Arboretum.  She will take us with her sometimes when she goes for a quick visit on her lunch break.  Today she wanted to see the Milkweed Pods because she thought they had opened.

Some of them had and some were just starting to open.  She said they remind her of her childhood and making wishes.

She said we would come here every day if she could make that work out.  Naughty Bit liked that idea very much.  We all loved that idea a lot.  Of course we did, we are gnomes.  Some of us prefer the local gardens, some of us prefer the farm and others prefer all of the gardens.  The Roomie just likes the serenity the gardens offer.

We all hope you got to make wishes today too.  And we hope they all come true 🙂

Gnome ER

Herbert was injured during the last day of Summer Pool Celebration.  He broke his leg.  Thankfully the Doc was able to fix it.  He is on the mend and will take a couple days to recuperate before getting on with gnoming around and such hijinks.  Please keep him in your gnome thoughts.

Just Gnoming Around

The Roomie was taking a walk in the neighborhood (without us) and came across this giant mushroom.  She rushed back to the house and grabbed us for a Photo-op.  This happens a lot in our house!

We admit it made for a cool picture.  This time of year brings some different photo-ops so we can’t wait for what comes next!

Call Noah…It’s Been Raining…A LOT!

It’s been raining for the past two days and it’s looking not to stop anytime soon.  Well okay, if you get technical, they call for Sunday to be the last day.  Sure…take the drama out of my post!   Just kidding.

Not to worry, the Gnomes are a hearty breed.  The Roomie is too.  She likes the rain better than the sunshine.  Bjorn says it’s because she prefers to be pasty not rosy.

Anyway, Caleb, Hubert, Chipper and me went to the forest for a little communing with nature.  I got to do some bird watching while the others played in the stream.

It was a perfect afternoon of getting rained on, beautiful flora and fauna and just being outside 🙂