The One Where The Roomie Gets Married

The Roomie and Bean got married on Friday.  Let just say good time had by all!  Dude they had a photobooth.

There were props and all kinds of crazy hijinks!  I have more pictures and stories to share but I’m visiting friends this week.  There will be even more stories to share with you about my trip 🙂

Guess Who’s Back From Vacation! Part One

Yep…Me!   Talk about an awesome time.  Bean and I had a blast…mostly because the Roomie wasn’t there.  I sent her some postcards just to taunt her…you know…because I could, lol.  Yes it’s just that easy with her, lol.

Okay y’all…I’ve got pictures!!!  Prepare to be jealous!

You should never spend the evening drunk and expect to get up early and navigate...I made it work though

Our Summer Haven!

Look...I'm Like Frickin' ET with my mad Flower Skills!

Admit think I'm hot in my swim trunks! Yeah I know...but you can say it!

The Roomie Said I look Gay in this picture...not gay just FABULOUS...but of course!

Bean shared her book with me. Since I broke my arms off I need someone to turn the pages for me 😉

Ah...A Day at the Beach!

I have more pictures but I want you to just enjoy these few for right now.  I will end this post here.  I had fun with Bean this week and I had fun tormenting the Roomie with the fact I was with her gf all week and she wasn’t.

Yeah…I’m evil…but it’s all good, lol.   Um I hope…how fast can a person change the locks?  Oh…I’d better go.

Weekends are made for Rum

I had a blast this weekend with the Roomie and Bean.  We went on a car ride and Bean said because of my height I had to sit in the back seat.  I’m like 400 years old but she wasn’t hearing any of it.  It was all Safety First Bjorn…

We went to lunch in Philly with Bean’s BFF and the restaurant was pretty cool.  Roomie had been there before but I haven’t and hello it’s all about me people!

When we were driving home I saw a blimp…Yeah it was awesome.  We don’t get many blimps on the Fjords!

The blimp is on the left…the other one is just my bulbous head!

Well I’m off on vacation with my peeps so I’ll have lots of pictures when I get back…Have a good week y’all!