The Original Willy Wonka

Hershey, Pennsylvania is like an actual place that resembles Willy Wonka’s Hometown.  There’s a big house, a factory and a massive load of chocolate.  I thought I saw Augustus Glup and his friends scrafing down a tone of chocolate on my way into town.

The Chocolate Factory

The Roomie wants to go back and hang out in the park for a bit so I think we will be road tripping in the spring.

I kind of look drunk in this picture.

The View of Hershey from the Hershey Hotel

I’m looking forward to my trip with Bean.  The Roomie’s jealous and I told her to suck it up dork.  Of course she told me that I can just order my own dinner.  Psst…like I don’t know where the take out menus are and how to use the phone, lol.

The Bride and the Grads

This past weekend was a flurry of activity.  So you know how the Roomie has a giant family well because of that we had more family activities.  I like them all ’cause we all have a blast!  They are fun people!

On Saturday we went to the Nephews Graduation party in the suburbs.  The Grads were as handsome as ever and the food was spectacular and the Hostess’ had the mostests.

One of the Nephew Graduates...well done boys!

Ms. J the hostess with the mostest...I fell in the food and she plucked me out of trouble!

Getting some grub with my pal Jelone!

Good time had by all!

On Sunday I went with the Roomie to her cousin’s Bridal Shower.  It was my first trip to Hershey, PA and it was cool with chocolate undertones.  Hershey as you may (or may not) know is the center of the Chocolate Universe.   They have an amusement park and tons of other things to do there…you should totally check it out!

Chocolate is like EVERYWHERE!! I think at one point it even fell from the sky!

The Bride and Groom were looking awesome!

Mrs. and Mr. Future Married Folks

It was a whirlwind of activity’s this weekend.  We even watched the Flyers win one and lose one (They are still in this MR. SUCKY Announcer guy).  I’m fairly sure tonight I’m going to bed early, lol.