O Christmas Tree

Hope Lodge began their Christmas Tree event on Saturday.  We all went over with The Roomie.  It was so pretty and very neat.

This Historical Mansion is so beautiful and even more so all decked out for the Holidays 🙂


Visiting History

This weekend Hope Lodge had their Charter Day Open House.  This was so much fun.  The Roomie takes us out to local Historical places if they are holding an event of some kind.

Mick likes to visit places beyond the Magic Kingdom.  So much to see in the world.  Hope Lodge gives a glimpse into the 18th Century.

Michael was in full regalia and making History come alive for the visitors with his Musket display.  We learned so many interesting facts about the Revolutionary War.   Combat and life wasn’t what we had expected.

It was a very cold day but so worth getting out and getting our knowledge on!  Mick told the Roomie he wants to see more.  Hopefully we have some cool adventures coming up.

The Year Was 1777…or Not

This weekend we went to see a Revolutionary War Encampment Re-enactment.  It was crisp, clear autumn day for such an event!

IMG_3990 (400x300)

I’ve been around for scores of years and this was way cool.  It’s amazing what happens beyond the garden.

IMG_4228 (400x297)

They re-enacted a battle between the British/Hessian Army vs. the Americans.  This battle the Americans won against superior numbers.  Hurrah!!!  They are the victors behind me.  It was a great day to be outside doing something historical instead of just being historical myself, lol.