Let’s All Go To The Mall!

Unfortunately, Robin Sparkles was now where to be found.  At least it stopped raining!

First stop at the Mall…LEGOLAND!

Then we went and got some Annie’s Pretzels.  Super awesome and tasty!

Sharkhead was doing his best Jack from Titanic!  Or he was taking a Cruise.  We really aren’t clear on any of this 🙂

Kenny From South Park or Lady Gaga?

We went to the Mall last night and The Roomie bought me a hoodie.  Like most of my clothes it was too big but I tried it on anyway.  I was going for gangsta yo but I thought I looked more like Lady Gaga.  D said I looked like Kenny from South Park.  Doesn’t Kenny get killed in every episode?

So you decide…

Kenny or Lady Gaga...you decide

While at the Mall I was going to pop in to the local recruiting office but D kept telling me I was too short to be a Marine.

Semper Fi

I forgot I can’t be a Marine because I’m not a US Citizen.  Dude I would be so awesome at being a soldier.  D still said even if I could be in the military it wouldn’t change the fact I’m vertically challenged.

After the Mall we played in the grass, which is totally what Trolls do!  D gave me bunny ears because she thought a Troll with bunny ears was funny.  Now I know how Willow felt.

All in All…a good day 🙂