Elton Does the Memorial Day Parade

It was a very hot and sunny Memorial Day.  The Parade paid excellent tribute to our local fallen soldiers.  The Parade offered us Fire Trucks, String Bands, Military Personal from many different wars and a clown.

It also kicked off the Summer of Elton and Friends.

The boys are ready to bring the music to the the mix.  Happy Summer Adventures hopefully coming your way!

The Summer of Barry Begins

This summer Barry is going to take some fun adventures.  Well, at least that’s what he tells us, lol.

Memorial Day is a day of reverence for out fallen protectors.  It is also the unofficial start to summer.  Barry went to the Memorial Day Parade to pay his respects and enjoy the neighbors.

This summer Barry is going to partake in a lot of the activities I would have normally done.  I’m getting older and more fragile but I’m not completely out of the picture.  This is my page after all but this Norwegian is going to take it light this summer, lol.

To all those who served and protected us…THANK YOU!


There are lots of Holidays in America but for some reason I find I’m connected to Memorial Day most.  I think that it’s because so many people stood up for what they believed in…freedom.

The Flag Flies

All around this great country the Flag still flies and to many American’s like the Roomie it means much.  The Flag is a salute to those who gave the last full measure of devotion.  We draped their coffins with it, as if to wrap their broken bodies in the arms of all of America.

The Grave of Civil War General George Meade

I’m watching “The Civil War” with the Roomie and I’m learning a lot about the sacrifices that were paid by those who saw too much but had a faith that went undaunted.

Thank you to all those who served and are currently serving.  It is for your sacrifices that I a Troll from Norway enjoy all that America has to offer.