The Summer of Moana: A Night At The Symphony

It was at a local Historical site (Hope Lodge) the Ambler Symphony put on a spectacular concert!

The theme of the concert was music by John Williams.  This just happens to be one of The Roomie’s favorite composers.  Yes, we rocked it out to the music from Star Wars too!

Will and the Sheldons In Concert

Will and Shelly were having an impromptu jam session.

IMG_7973 (400x300)

Will is a little bit country and Shelly, well he’s a little bit rock-n-roll, lol.

IMG_7971 (400x300)

Will was thinking about using this shot on the concert flyers.  I laughed and though these fellas are pretty funny!

IMG_7972 (400x300)

The boys aren’t too bad but I do think they need more members to their band and way more practice!  They sure do make this old elf chuckle though!