Air Victory Museum

The Roomie heard about the Air Victory Museum last summer but this is the first chance we’ve had to see it.

The Summer of Barry continues with this museum.  They had a piece of the 911 site and an exhibit to the tragedy of 911.  It is a part of American History now.  It brought up sorrow but it was an important exhibit.

There were many planes.  Model Planes and some helicopters.

Buddy is a history lover from way, way back.  There were exhibits for Amelia Earhart and the Hindenberg Disaster.

Barry was thinking how cool it would be to fly one of these jets.  Fast and Furious….mach 3 style!

When we left we headed over to Mt. Holly, NJ for some lunch.  Jimmy and Eddie found the food amazing and the beer even more amazing, lol!

Going to The Beach

This weekend we went with the Roomies to the Beach.

IMG_1050 (300x400)

Gru has put the word out that all off this is his…you may borrow his beach for a fee.

IMG_1006 (300x400)

It was too cold to go down to the water but after the Nor’easter we got a week ago Homie was shocked that the beach looked this good.

IMG_1011 (400x300)

Jeff the Clone declared this beach superior to his visit to Tatooine.  That was like Death Valley.  No fun!

IMG_1061 (300x400)

Jeff the Clone has decided this is his new house.  Until Gru explained that it is on his beach, thus, it his domain.

IMG_1030 (400x300)

Jimmy and Eddie discuss why they’ve been angry that none of their travels have been included on the blog.  These guys are super famous and stuff.

IMG_1033 (400x300)

Don’t you people know who we are!  We are the drunk guys who gave you the California Trip of 2012!!!!

The Maelstrom’s On Vacation

It’s not a regular time when a bunch of the Maelstrom’s are in town for a group vacation.  This year we lucked out.

IMG_1344 (400x300)
A Family Portrait at the Beach (Boone, Ingrid, Bjorn, Arvid and Nils).

IMG_1522 (400x300)

The weather was perfect and the water was refreshing.  Being Nordic we tend to like the weather colder but even the heat of the summer could dampen our fun.

IMG_1474 (400x300)

Nils was all over the place.  This was his first trip to a beach ever.  He doesn’t speak much English but he was having a blast!

IMG_1472 (400x300) IMG_1470 (400x300) IMG_1481 (400x300)

We are a fun bunch that much is true about the Maelstroms!!

SAM_4079 (400x300)

Ingrid did a lot of sightseeing on her own.  She loves all the tourist things like Museums and such.  Here she is at the Cape May Firehouse Museum.

SAM_4035 (400x300)

She also made it to the Aviation Museum.  She said we missed a great time.  You can get in the vehicles and play with the equipment.  I definitely need to visit this one!  I love touching stuff!

Bjorn and Friends on Vacation – Part I

We were on vacation this past week.  And by we I mean the Roomie, Bean, Hazel, Mick, Chris and myself.  You didn’t think I was going to miss vacation did ya?  Seriously, if anyone needs a vacation it’s the guy with the fractured nose, lol.

Bjorn and the Sunken ShipEveryone wanted their picture taken.  Here were are at the S.S. Atlantus at Sunset Beach, Cape May, New Jersey.

Down the street from Sunset Beach is the World War II Lookout Tower.  It was very cool.  The tour guides were Seniors who had served or lived during WWII and were from the area.

There were about 150 Steps which was no problem because the Roomie walked them and we got a ride with her.  Sucker!

This site has a lot of History.  During the war it was a lookout point for German U-Boats.  They even captured one-off the coast.  It hosts memorials to the soldiers who survived and those who didn’t come home at all.  It’s quite moving.

I’m glad that we had the opportunity to see this memorial to WWII.  Check it out if you get a chance.

Going To The Chapel – The Wedding Part Three

Okay they didn’t exactly go to the chapel.  They went to the beach and it was AWESOME!  The Niece and new Hubby are the cutest couple ever.

This Couple is ready for the Newly Wed Game!!!

I hung out with the bridesmaids too.  I was sneaking sips of their drinks but somehow I got caught just this once…eeek!

You know a wedding is awesome when there is a Pirate in attendance!

Yo Ho it's the Married Life For Me....

I danced a lot and drank a lot and then we had cake…This cake to be specific!

Somehow I fell in my cake.  Weird huh?


Good time had by all…especially the happy couple!  Congratulations Bride and Groom!!!

Jersey Sunrise…The Wedding Part Two

Before the big shindig (aka The Wedding) I got up with the Roomie at 5am to go see the sun rise.  It was cool and very pretty.  I was only a little grumpy about the hour of the morning the sun rises over the ocean.


We then walked the Boardwalk.  The big Summer Season actually starts Memorial Day Weekend but it was cool to hit the boards early.

And then I took the boat out for a spin.  The waves proved to be an arch nemesis!  Dang you massive waves!!!

And watched the Fisherman Fish…man.

And then…we went to the Wedding…Look for part three tomorrow!

New Jersey, The Garden State

The Roomie’s niece got married this weekend so we went to New Jersey for the festivities.  I’ve been stoked for weeks because Roomie’s family is totally fun and they like to dance.  Seriously…that’s wicked awesome!

New Jersey...The Highway View

There was a lot of traffic headed to the Jersey shore this weekend.  That tends to happen this time of year with the warm weather and Memorial Day being next week and all.  Once we got to Ocean City…our destination zone I hit the beach.

Yeah I know you are digging my swim trunks!  We all went out to dinner afterward.  I had a veggie goodness platter and it was good.

Dinner with Friends

I have to admit I love the beach.  It’s not the same as life on Fjord but it’s got a lot going for it.  I got to leave my footprints in the sand and I even went in the water…which was very, very cold but it was fun.

That was all before the wedding…Until tomorrow…

The New Jersey Adventure