Christmas Fun – Part 2 – A Christmas Carol

We went with the Roomie to see ‘A Christmas Carol’ at the historic Walnut Street Theater.


Mr. Nigel Murray loves the theater.  He said it reminded him of his days in London.


We all wondered if he wore clothing in London?  It’s not a question one just blurts out and he wasn’t being forth coming.


Pablo gave the show 12 nubs up!  He was loving the songs and chuckling along like the rest of us.  It was a wonderful day In Town.  We are all starting to feel the Christmas spirit!  God Bless us Everyone!


Got Pride?

So this weekend was Pride in Philadelphia.  We didn’t go into the city this year but it doesn’t mean we didn’t have our pride on.  I broke out my Pride sash and wore it all day.

It was a good weekend.  I got to read some and eat some and yes we did hit the city on Saturday.  We had some steaks at Geno’s.
It was a good tasty time.  I think next year I will make a pride sign 😉