Hot with a Side of Muggy

The Roomie wasn’t feeling great this weekend.  Lots of limping and whining about feeling like garbage so We mostly stayed inside.

She did get us all out of the house to visit the DMV so she could get her new mugshot…um…Driver’s License Photo.  At least this one she’s smiling.

Even though it was hot we got to enjoy the sun for a bit.  The humidity has set back into the neighborhood which makes no one happy.  Now The Roomie will do nothing but complain about the fact she hasn’t mowed the lawn.  She did that all day yesterday until someone spiked her beverage and she fell asleep.  Ah, blessed silence, LOL!


Sometimes It’s Just Shark Week For No Reason

The Roomie, Linus and me were messing around and the room took pictures of us in funny situations.


Although, I’m not sure what’s funny about being eaten by a shark?


Linus looked good in his picture under the tree.


And then things got creepy again…


Mr. Pointy Ears had this ‘illogical’ photo.


Okay this one is pretty funny.  We entertained ourselves for quite a while before we got bored.  Good times people…good times!