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Summer Rain

Today is a dark and stormy kind of day.  You know the ones where all you want to do is take a nap.

At least it isn’t another tropical storm though.  So we all sit and look out the window and wait for cooler temperatures and brighter skies.

….More Rain

So we’ve had some really spectacularly Summer like weather conditions lately.  Let’s just say no one is a fan.  The massive rain/wind storms from left over tropical depressions and what would be normal spring rain has left The Roomie and, well, all of us not digging being outside.

Sprout said he was sure this is how his Dad got to be a Giant.  All the moisture and rain.  Who knows Sprout might end up a Giant next week for all we know, lol.

Keep dry and stay safe.  Also, don’t forget to wear your masks in public!

Our First Autumn Rain

We had a rain shower just a few minutes ago.  It wasn’t spectacular but it was the first this Autumn, lol.

The Bern and Little Frankie were all into it.

The Bern was naming clouds and grading the fluffiness differential.

Little Frankie…he was just glad we finally got some rain, lol.

Rainy Days and Mondays

Rainy Days and Mondays always get The Dark Lord down especially when his favorite amalgam just won’t go away.

Yup…she’s like his shadow friend these days.  Fun for HRC not so fun for The Dark Lord.

To make matters worse The Dark Lord’s Propaganda Machine is being mean to him.  It’s okay he’s handling it like he handles everything.  He cries and pees his pants.

Tom Ato thinks there is a resemblance between Pennywise and The Dark Lord.  It makes sense he thinks that, lol.

Rain…You’re Mean

So it’s been hot, humid and raining for the last 5 days.  I’m sure it’s because the Carnival is in town.  At least that’s what The Roomie told us.

It’s just icky and sticky and wet and annoying and a bunch more adjectives and expletives.  Ugh!

It Is May, Right?

It’s been very rainy, windy and very cold as of late.  The lows are more like early March than mid May.

My allergies are off the charts right now.  Between the spring Pollen and the Mold spores because of all of the rain.

The sun is predicted to make an appearance on Friday.  Yeah!

The Roomie loves the cold weather but the rest of us are ready for a little warmer temps but not too warm, lol.

OMG…The Sun Came Out!

The Roomie and I made a quick visit to the park today.  It was rather shocking to see the sun, lol.

Miranda was all smiles too.  Just to see the sun after so many cloudy and rainy days is just amazing!  We were all feeling great on this Monday!

This was Edgar yesterday.  He said he didn’t care if it was rainy.  He’s a Tomte who used to live outside so, like no big whoop, lol.

Gnomes/Elves and Tomte’s are not sideline often by inclement conditions.  The Roomie…well she usually is on the Sofa watching Netflix 🙂

This Rain Is Getting Stupid

It’s winter time.  We’ve been having a lot of rain since last year but what we need right now is snow.  The ground is cold for the most part so the rain isn’t being absorbed 😦

We are all ready for a break in the rain I think.

Vote….It’s Important!

The Roomies are voting today.  We all got caught up in the spirit of the vote!

The Twins are very excited about their first appearance on Bjorn’s page.  Oh and what an exciting day to be here!

Bjorn Loves His SnapChat Playtime