Mr. Nigel Murray – The Rain Edition

So Mr. Nigel Murray has been out and about.  Since he’s decided to go out and about it’s done nothing but rain.

It may have rained but he said it was great to get outside 🙂


Summer of Barry – The One Where It Rained A Lot

We’ve had very heavy rains the last 3 days.  I went down to the Creek to see what it looked like.

It’s muddy and the water is very high on the banks.

It was beautiful in its own way.  I’m just glad we don’t live near a body of water.

April Showers Brings…Flooding

Early this morning we were all awoken by the sound of a torrential downpour of rain.  It was still dark and very miserable outside.  All a part of Spring.

IMG_0924 (400x300)

This afternoon Mick and I went down the Crick to see what it looked like all swollen.

IMG_0937 (400x300)

Yes it is weird to say Crick when it is a Creek but when in Roman…yada, yada, yada.

IMG_0935 (400x300)

It finally stopped raining and the “CRICK” looked kind of cool.  It also made me glad that I gave up living in the Forest.  It’s wet and mossy here.

IMG_0938 (400x300)

The trees are starting to bloom which is a good sign that Shady Days are coming closer and closer.

IMG_0928 (400x300)

The Roomie loves the rain.  Probably because she’s never had to live outside after a rain.  It’s damp.  ‘Nuff said!


Curling and Rain

Curling is awesome.  The Gold Medal round didn’t disappoint.  The Canadians were on top form.

IMG_8472 (400x300)

That’s Kaitlyn getting ready to make the magic happen!

IMG_8476 (400x300)

Sweden put up a good fight but it came down to one mistake that let the Canadians in the door.

IMG_8553 (400x300)

We were having nothing but snow every week and then today came with its 58 degree temperatures and the moisture wasn’t snow this time…it was rain.  Lots and lots of rain.

IMG_8554 (400x300)

The big talk is if it will make all the snow go away…just in time for the snow that is supposed to arrive next week once our mini heat wave ends 😦  Spring is taunting us!  Not Nice!


Tut, Tut It Looks Like Rain


The sky looked a little grey so I went outside to check it out.


The clouds were all billowy and I kind of like that in my cloud formations.


Then the sky dropped a large quantity of water.  I figured my forecast would be 100% chance of Rain.  Also, Jerry said my umbrella should be in a drink.  I think he’s saying that because I took out of his drink and he noticed, lol.  That is the short story of why I smell like vodka this early in the day 😉  True story!


And The Thunder Rolled…

The weather has been what the locals call…Hinky.  One day it’s 64 degrees and the next it’s 28 degrees.  Weird and yet at times exciting.  I’ve always loved a good rainstorm.

IMG_6871 (400x300)

A storm was brewing the other day and I was all…yeah I love me some storms.

IMG_6874 (400x300)
It was my turn to drive and I have not problem driving in the rain.  Maybe I’m okay with rain and snow on the ground because…well I’m already dead and all.

IMG_6875 (400x300)

Twice I had to tell the back seat drivers to shut it because next time I will tell them to walk home.  Then the sky got darker.

IMG_6876 (400x300) IMG_6878 (400x300) IMG_6880 (400x300)
Everyone always asks me if I am afraid of lightning and to tell you the truth I used to be a little skittish when we had lightning storms but now I’m totally okay with them.  I like to watch them with Bjorn like we used to do back in Germany when he’d come for a visit.  Ah good times 🙂


Look Out Hurricane Schwartz…

Why yes it was raining in Our Town.  Since I moved here it seems that rain is all it does, well except for that one day it snowed.

I’ve been going in to the office with the Roomie the last couple of days and I have to say I’m intrigued with the corner of Here and There.  It’s always bustling with what not.

The other day I had my picture taken.  It turned out to be practically in the same spot as this morning.   I think it’s funny because I look like I’m a TV Reporter.  Who knows that might be my new career.  Instead of the Flying Nun I could be the Reporting Nun.  I’ll give it some thought.