The Hours

As we all wait on the New Year, we have decided to read more this coming year.  Eddie and Jimmy are thinking, The Roomie needs to read some Virginia Woolf.  This is a marvelous idea.

She was a tortured soul, just like Eddie.  Virginia, in the end we love the prose you left behind.

Buddy and the Holy Grail

Buddy was looking for something interesting to read this week.  He found this book on the Holy Grail in our home library.

He was laughing and laughing because this “quest” had so many different theories he couldn’t believe it!

Sometimes he wonders what these men were actually looking to discover.  Who knows?!?  The Roomie thought he was reading a comedy anyway, lol.

We Haven’t Been Reading Enough

The Roomie likes to read.  I like to read.  We are symbiotic.  We share many of the same traits.  I’m not a joiner or usually social.  Reading is great because I gain insight and knowledge about a specific or multitudes of topics.  The best part I don’t have to talk with anyone 🙂

We are currently reading the same book.  My Life In France by Julia Child.  It’s not easy sharing a book.  Luckily she goes to work and I get to hang out and read or do other fun stuff like play Star Trek.  This is easy for me because I live with some of the characters of Star Trek.  So yay me!

The Roomie is very much into Julia Child and cooking shows in general.  Like so many things we are both enjoying this book very much.  I keep asking why she’s not cooking something for us all and she says, ‘I’m not a real chef’.  I think she should try playing “Chef” and see how it goes, Bazinga!

The Summer of M&S – The Summer Reading List

We have this little sort of Book Club with The Roomie.   Mostly she reads to us and we comment on what she’s reading.  Right now she is reading”Nightshift” by the master of horror literature, Mr. Stephen King.

She says she can only read this book during daylight hours.  I totally get that!  This book is a collection of short stories written by Stephen King over the years and published as a book.  It reminded us all of his other collection “Different Seasons”

The Roomie’s night time book is Philip Roth’s “The Plot Against America”.

I’m pretty sure this story is just as scary as Night Shift!

She also informed us that her vacation read this year is also a Stephen King thriller…IT!  So no sleeping during holiday either, lol.

Reading Is Fundamental

Even Gnomes understand the importance of reading.

Chipper is a big reader.  Loves Stephen King and books with weird cover art.

Hubert said he likes hanging out with Chipper because he likes to read.

They like to hang out in the garden and lay about with a good book.  Gnomes are cool like that!

Eddie & Jimmy Love To Read

The Roomie is reading the second book in the Hunger Games series.  I prefer some of the classics.

Jimmy likes this guy’s work.  Hey to each’s own I say.

I like to drink read a lot.  My preference is always towards mysteries.  Every once in a while I do enjoy a good comedy…you know like a political autobiography.

Tonight I think is reading night.  Well after NCIS of course.  What are you reading?