The Roomie took us to Peddler’s Village for the Scarecrow Festival.  It was a misty day but we made the best of it.

Edgar said he now gets why The Roomie loves Autumn the most.

The colors were amazing.  As Gnomes we appreciate a beautiful garden.

We all had a great time 🙂

An Arboretum Day

IMG_2398 (400x300)

It turned out to be a beautiful weekend after all the rain that we’ve had the last several days.

IMG_2415 (400x300)

The annual Scarecrow Festival is in full swing and there were some very cleaver entries this year.

IMG_2424 (400x300)

IMG_2461 (400x300)

It was marvelous to get out and explore the gardens.

IMG_2467 (400x300)

Autumn has been fantastic this year and I can’t wait to come back here to do more exploring.  So much still to see!

Peddler’s Village with Fairies

Chris and Chardonnay went to Peddler’s Village this weekend and had a fantastic time!

IMG_1346 (300x400)

IMG_1271 (400x300)

This was a neat Scarecrow.  We love the Phanatic!

IMG_1285 (400x300)

IMG_1276 (400x300)

The weather was picture perfect.  Cool and sunny and we were surrounded by flowers!

IMG_1292 (400x300)
Dave is Chris’ favorite Minion!

IMG_1305 (300x400)

I almost fell off the fence I was sitting on…hence my expression!

IMG_1295 (400x300)

Lahaska is a beautiful area in Pennsylvania.  Autumn weather is beginning to take hold here and I couldn’t be happier!

IMG_1260 (400x300)

Teddy couldn’t come with us this trip so Chardonnay and I stopped into his favorite German Store and got him a little treat from the homeland.

It was a perfect day!

Yeah for Octoberfest!

Wow what a weekend!  I got to hang out with some really cool people from my Homeland.  I visited a store that sold all German stuff!



Ich liebe dieses Hotel!


I must say he’s one good-looking fellow!


I had a great day with all my friends…the weather was picture perfect!  I hope you get to do something autumnish soon too!