Summer of 2013 – We Love Potato Chips

Shamy went on the Herr’s Foods Tour!


Shamy loved the fresh potato chips they gave them off of the conveyor belt.  They were AWESOME!


Herr’s Food Corporation is in Nottingham, PA and they make such tasty products as Potato Chips of all kinds (Sweet Onion is our favorite) and corn chips.  There was a nice video about the Herr’s Family and how the whole shebang got started.  If you are in Nottingham you should totally take the tour.  We learned a lot and ate potato chips…win/win!


He Puts The Sh In Shamy

IMG_8508 (400x300)

What do you think?  Should I go with the Batman face painting?  I totally could be Batman…you know if I had a billion dollars, a mansion, cave and a cool car.  Well I’d need a driver for the car since I don’t drive.  But then I’d have to have a sidekick and I don’t want on so I can’t be Batman.  Oh well…maybe I should be a pirate instead.