Happy First Day of Spring 2019!

Spring will be springing at 5:58 pm today.  So get out there and enjoy it! Bye Bye Winter!

It’s almost time for sitting on the Deck until Dark time….wahoo!

SPRING – The Arboretum

The Flowers are popping up all around town.  We wanted to see some Dog Woods and the Cherry Tree Festival is this weekend!

A good day for all!

SPRING – The Bird Watching

The Roomie loves to bird watch in April because of the migration factor.  We like to get outside.  It’s Win-Win!

It was a wonderful cloudy day.  It’s still cold outside but we all feel like the warmer days are coming soon!

Happy Spring!

Spring is here even if the weather thinks it’s still Winter, lol.

Gustav has been playing music all day.   Only the Norwegians recognize the tunes but that’s okay.

Ellie has been having so much fun with the snow she doesn’t really care one way or the other.  Chipper…he’s ready for some adventure!

Happy Spring All!