Spring Is…Almost Here?

Ziggy is getting tired of the cold then the hot, then the cold.  Spring is being difficult, lol.


Happy First Day of Spring 2019!

Spring will be springing at 5:58 pm today.  So get out there and enjoy it! Bye Bye Winter!

It’s almost time for sitting on the Deck until Dark time….wahoo!

Go Walk In The Woods, It’s Good For You…So I Did

Today was a nice warmish day.  I feel like I’ve been plagued by the weather lately.  All my posts seemed to be weather related.  That’s what happens in the winter months.  Not much happens and then spring arrives and we all break for the outdoors.

I headed to the local park to just wander around a little.  The fresh air was amazing on my face.  I would say breathing it in but I’ve been dead for like 200 years so no breathing but I know the Roomie was sucking it all in.

The playground was abandoned by the children so I went ahead and played on all of the slides, monkey bars and see-saws!


Yee Ha!

Okay this was kind of scary.  Every time Roomie got on I would fly into the air.  She said I was accusing her of having a fat butt but I never accuse…you know when it’s obvious, HA HA HA…I crack myself up!

The Roomie threatened to leave me behind when she left.


She didn’t.  What can I say…I’m just too lovable to be left behind 😉

Even On Good Friday The Mets Suck

…That’s what she said…HA!

Yesterday Scooter and I Modeled the Before and After of his new look.  The look is reminiscent of his day in Boot Camp but it’s a stylin’ do.  As is evident in the pictures below.

And Scooter looks so happy….

Smile Scooter 🙂

Today I was all havin’ a cup of joe when Scooter surprises me with his wardrobe today…YEAH MAN…The Mets do suck.  I quick grabbed my sign to take some pictures because it was too awesome a moment to miss!

So far the day is starting off to an awesome tune.



I took some time to smell the flowers…

p.s.s.  The Mets still suck!

Rainy Days and Mondays with Bjorn Maelstrom

Rain normally sucks but it’s not so bad if your stuck at work.  I had a blast this weekend so I’m not complaining about the rain.  Besides Kate stopped by to see Scooter so we all hung out in his office telling old war stories about the day.  And by the day I mean yesterday.

Scooter was really in a good mood today…maybe he did well with March madness…or maybe it’s the Red Bull?

I was pretty stoked when I left for work this morning and saw the Willow Tree out front was awesome green.  Spring it seems, has officially sprunged.

Tonight Dancing with the Stars…Oh yeah…I’m a geek 🙂


Bjorn’s on YouTube baby!