Naked at the Beach

Tanta and I went to the beach this weekend and she decided she wanted to go for a dip in the ocean.

IMG_0461 (400x300)

Apparently in her home land nudity is okay.

IMG_0457 (400x300)

I tried to tell her this was a family place and nudity was frowned upon but she didn’t seem to care.

IMG_0459 (400x300)

She is one wild Dane!

IMG_0460 (400x300)

I love her because so many things make her smile.  It’s almost contagious.

IMG_0471 (300x400)

Look I’m smiling too.  You just can’t tell this is my smiley face.  Check out Tanta’s hand trying to swipe my shell.

IMG_0474 (300x400)

All was cool though…she found her own…really big shell!

Tanta van der Kringle Goes To The Beach

My friend from Denmark moved here about a year ago.  She told me she’d never been to the Beach.  Since we were all going we invited her along for the trip.

IMG_0345 (353x400)

IMG_0308 (400x300)

IMG_0338 (400x300)

IMG_0336 (400x300)

She had so much fun.  Just look at that Troll smile.  Tanta said that next time she goes to the Shore she’s going to go swimming!  I’m glad she had fun.