A Day With Thomas The Tank Engine

So I got to hang out with the Big, Big Star Thomas the Tank Engine.  He’s kind of serious all the time but other than that I enjoyed our time together.  All though he was really looking at me weird in the photo below.

Me and TTE

Maybe it’s because of MY celebrity status.  I’ve become huge in America and I’m hoping to go Global soon.  The Roomie thought I was being stuck up so she tied me to the railroad tracks for shits and giggles.

I'm waiting for Snidley Whiplash...cue the music!

You would have thought Mr. Conductor would have lent a hand.  Nope…it was lunchtime.

I was checking out the Train Trellis…man that thing was high up in there air!
And then I had another Near-Death-Experience.  It was all good though because Bean saved me.


Next time I take a cab.  Cue the music!



Vacation With Bean – Part III – My Near Death Experience

Bean and I saw some amazing things in our travels.  She took me to see the sunken Concrete Ship.  Yep, you read that correctly…Sunken Concrete Ship called Atlantus.  Check it out:

The Atlantus and Bjorn

While visiting the Christmas Towne I had a near death experience.   Bean eventually helped me get out of this pickle but first she laughed…A LOT…and then she grabbed the camera…and after some more laughing and taunting…she helped me.  Thanks Bean!

Call 911 I'm a little Troll in need of Rescue!!!

I sent the Roomie some post cards to taunt her tell her we was having a great time.

Wildwood, New Jersey 🙂

And this is what I wrote…

Yep...I'm Awesome!!!

And here I am Mailing it…

...You've Got Mail...

We had some Rain on vacation but we then went to the Book Store which is way cool!  I got some books written by my cousins…the Hobbits.

I loved this place!

Excuse me...Do you sell books here?


We had a blast on our vacation.  I tried to get Bean to dump the Roomie but for some reason she likes her.  I’m not sure why she does but she does.  I must be losing some of my Troll Swagger because I went from being LL Cool B to Dude your giant head is blocking the TV.  Oh well…I’ll always have Epcot 😉