The Summer of M&S: Vacation 2018

We were Crest Bound for Vacation 2018!



The Summer of Barry – Vacation

The Roomie took us to the Beach again this year for Vacation.  Fun had by all…especially me!

I was all over the Jersey Shore.  From Wildwood Crest to Cape May to Ocean City.  I was getting it done!

I saw the Sunken Ship at Sunset Beach, Cape May.

I saw the World War II Watch Tower as well.  What a view!

I went Shopping at the Washington Street Mall.

Stopped by Winterwood for some Christmas Cheer!

Watched Totality of the Solar Eclipse on TV because Jersey didn’t experience Totality.

But what we did have was pretty spectacular any way.

I watched the Sunset at Sunset Lake in Wildwood Crest.

And I spent the day at the bay with my friends.

The Beach…oh the beach…I heart you most of all.  What a vacation it was!

Homie the Vacation Minion!

SAM_3885 (400x300) SAM_3894 (400x300) SAM_3927 (400x300)

SAM_4018 (400x300)I love to sight see more than my roommates.  I went with Bantley to the Lighthouse at Hereford.  It was really neat.  The gardens were beautiful.  The views from the top of the lighthouse were amazing and the view of the ocean was perfect!

When we were in Cape May we went to see the Firehouse.  It’s a free exhibit (so you know I’m in).  Lots of history there.  Also the Roomie was thrilled there was a cut out fireman to stick her face in.  She’s a weirdo.

Although, when we went to the Aviation Museum I did stick my face in the astronaut.  So many cool things this summer.  I wonder what’s going on this fall!

SAM_4075 (400x300)

Bantley’s First Vacation…Ever

So Bantley went on his first Vacation ever and he seemed to like it.  Here he is smiling.

IMG_1297 (400x300)

The beach was lovely and he got to hang out with his friends.

IMG_1354 (400x300) IMG_1382 (400x300)

He even went sightseeing.

SAM_3875 (400x300) SAM_3865 (400x300) SAM_3906 (400x300)

It was a great time.  He was making friends everywhere he went.  There was this lovely Frenchman who thought he was a celebrity but found out that Bantley was just a fun loving Troll with a penchant to having his photo taken.

SAM_3893 (400x300)

He is one handsome Troll.  Sure not as good looking as me but then again…who is?  I’m Bjorn Maelstrom and I’m hysterical!  Wait till you see what Homie was up to on vacation.

The Maelstrom’s On Vacation

It’s not a regular time when a bunch of the Maelstrom’s are in town for a group vacation.  This year we lucked out.

IMG_1344 (400x300)
A Family Portrait at the Beach (Boone, Ingrid, Bjorn, Arvid and Nils).

IMG_1522 (400x300)

The weather was perfect and the water was refreshing.  Being Nordic we tend to like the weather colder but even the heat of the summer could dampen our fun.

IMG_1474 (400x300)

Nils was all over the place.  This was his first trip to a beach ever.  He doesn’t speak much English but he was having a blast!

IMG_1472 (400x300) IMG_1470 (400x300) IMG_1481 (400x300)

We are a fun bunch that much is true about the Maelstroms!!

SAM_4079 (400x300)

Ingrid did a lot of sightseeing on her own.  She loves all the tourist things like Museums and such.  Here she is at the Cape May Firehouse Museum.

SAM_4035 (400x300)

She also made it to the Aviation Museum.  She said we missed a great time.  You can get in the vehicles and play with the equipment.  I definitely need to visit this one!  I love touching stuff!

California Dreamin’ – Bjorn Sees Dead People – The Catholic L.A. Edition

Around the block and up the street we went to see the Catholic Cemetery.  It wasn’t as aesthetic as the Jewish cemetery with his structures and elaborate gardens but it was very nice.

I got to see Rita Hayworth…

Bing Crosby…

Dracula’s Bela Lugosi…

Kick took time to hang out in the Grotto…

Me and the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz.  We had a great time seen all the old celebrities but our time was limited.  The Roomie had to go potty.  Just like her to make us have to rush, lol.  Tomorrow’s post…Hollywood!


Bjorn Goes On Vacation – Part 2 – Subsection 18C

My adventure continues here at the Marina.  That’s were those piranhas carp were.  We had the most spectacular boat…Cover Dweller #11 to be exact.  I can’t even express how awesome a feeling it is just cruising up and down the lake.

The Marina...Home Base...a place to feed piranhas

That water is deeper than you think...HA HA HA HA!

We hung out on boat while Captain Ron got all of the stuff together that Captains need to do.  See behind me…that’s where the Roomie dropped her cell phone into 30 ft. of water.  She got really drunk after that little maneuver so I just stayed away from her.  What can I say, the woman has issues.

There were some safety signs that I thought I should probably adhere too.

Safety First y'all!

The swimming was awesome!

Swimming all day....yeah it rocks!

Yeah...I know...I should have been a swimsuit Model...I know it...I'm hot!

Soaking up the sun on deck

I hung out with Captain Ron while he took us around to all the sites on the lake.

Bjorn and Captain Ron...Together Again!

Hanging out with Popa D who just happened to be the First Mate on our vessel

Stay Tuned to Part 3…Yep there will be a part 3 😉