Still Loving Vacation…

Even though we are home we keep looking at the pictures.  It was that much fun.  Well minus the Seaweed Attack…and hurricane (that didn’t happen).

Eddie and Jimmy walked all along the beach getting inspiration for their next writing project.  Jimmy was all “Can I Kelp You?”, he’s really not that funny.

The gang went to the book store because the weather folks were droning on about a possible low-level hurricane named Hermine.   Mr. Nigel Murray thought it was named that because it was Harry Potter Weekend on Freeform.  Apparently it’s the French pronunciation.  Um…right.

Jimmy  was only looking for how many copies of his books were in stock.  Eddie he was looking to blow this Popsicle stand and head to the Tappy.

Later both decided to enjoy the view before the hurricane hit.  Or in this case didn’t hit but they didn’t know that at the time.



Loving Vacation!

Jimmy and Eddie always love the beach.  However, Jimmy seems to always find himself in a pickle.


The water had a lot of jellyfish and seaweed today but it didn’t mute out everyone’s good times.  Pablo wanted to show even Prawns can get into the beach hilarity!


Jeff looks like a true Hollywood leading man in this picture.  He’s used to the desert but like this sand much better than Tatooine, lol.


Good times had by everyone.  The weather was stellar this day.  Even The King of Prawn’s need some sunscreen 😉


The guys miss the beach as much as the Roomie.

Going to The Beach

This weekend we went with the Roomies to the Beach.

IMG_1050 (300x400)

Gru has put the word out that all off this is his…you may borrow his beach for a fee.

IMG_1006 (300x400)

It was too cold to go down to the water but after the Nor’easter we got a week ago Homie was shocked that the beach looked this good.

IMG_1011 (400x300)

Jeff the Clone declared this beach superior to his visit to Tatooine.  That was like Death Valley.  No fun!

IMG_1061 (300x400)

Jeff the Clone has decided this is his new house.  Until Gru explained that it is on his beach, thus, it his domain.

IMG_1030 (400x300)

Jimmy and Eddie discuss why they’ve been angry that none of their travels have been included on the blog.  These guys are super famous and stuff.

IMG_1033 (400x300)

Don’t you people know who we are!  We are the drunk guys who gave you the California Trip of 2012!!!!

Teddy Goes Jersey Shore

Message from Bjorn:  Since I’m still all banged up and in semi-retirement and my cousin Teddy has just moved here I thought he might join the cast of thousands.  He’s a good guy and I hope you like him as much as I do.  Please don’t mention he looks nothing like us trolls…he’s adopted and doesn’t know it.

Teddy Goes Jersey Shore

First let me tell you I’m way cooler than The Situation!  It was looking to be a decent weekend at the shore so I headed down to the beach. It’s my first trip to the Jersey Coastline.  Traffic was pretty good until I got to just about Cape May…those lights suck!

The Wildwood Crest is my favorite Jersey destination so far.  I know some folks prefer Ocean City or Stone Harbour but give me WC any day!

The Beach was beautiful.  So was the water.  It was warm, jelly fish free and clear as glass.  If the wind was a little less on Sunday it would have been a 100% weekend!  Oh and yes I was reading that Nora Ephron book.  Stop judging Judgey McJudgerson!

Can’t wait to head back to my spot on the beach!