Winter Storm Quiana

Winter Storm Quiana dropped about 3″ on our part of town.

It was really pretty and a feathery type of snow.  Easy to shovel.

We watched The Roomies shovel.  We didn’t help…just watched, lol.

When you are only 2″ tall the 3″ of snow can be a little dice.  Eddie said he was too cold for this fracking stuff.

The only one really prepared for the snow was RBG.  It’s because she’s super brilliant.

Avery Was Stupid and Messy

We wanted to play in the snow but it took 4 hours to get home from work so that didn’t happen.

Then we had to go pick up The Roomie’s wife from work so we took some pictures to pass the time.

It was very cold and wet.  Let’s just say Avery wasn’t fun like a Winter Storm is supposed to be.

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

We had our first snow of the winter season and it’s not even winter yet!  Yay for us!!!

The snow started off a little dodgy but things soon picked up!

It looks like a blizzard in the picture but it really wasn’t. There was a little wind so it whipped up the snow.

I can’t lie…I was very excited when I saw the snow was sticking a little. It didn’t last long but it sure was wildly awesome while it was here.

I hope this is only the first in some really fun snow storms 🙂