The Alien Nation

Hi everyone, I am a real Alien who by no fault of my own discovered I was an Illegal Alien on Earth.  Okay, the fault was totally my own…I crashed my ride at the Jersey Shore.  I’ve decided to blend in to stay one step ahead of the Space Force or ICE or whatever Americans are doing these days.  My first contact with humanoids was by watching the compelling documentary called The Jersey Shore.  I feel it has helped me to assimilate with my new surroundings.  You can call me Richie the V.  I’m just another Jersey Shore kinda dude hanging out with his Bros, yo!  Forgetaboutit!

UPDATE:  There have been new “arrivals” as of late so they are all bunking with me and the tribe.  Please be welcoming to my interstellar friends.  I’m taking them out for Cheesesteaks and a beer later!

Log Entry Earth Time: 11/25/20

Bennett, Richie the V and all the others want to wish you a very Safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

Log Entry Earth Time: 8/19/20

Maz would like you all to know that Aliens do not steal people’s faces.  Not even once!

Log Entry Earth Time: 7/22/20

Bennett totally could of been one of their friends.  Physics is like easy man!

Log Entry Earth Time: 1/23/20

Bennett is a huge fan of books and reading.  Isn’t everyone?

Log Entry Earth Time: 1/20/20

Log Entry Earth Time: 1/7/20

We were just having one of those Salons I read about when we asked Jimmy to take our photo.  This is the photo we got.  I guess I should have asked Eddie.

Log Entry Earth Time: 1/2/20

Just having some fun.

Log Entry Earth Time: 1/1/20

Do you want to build a Snowman?

Log Entry Earth Time: 12/31/19

Today is the last day of the year in Pennsylvania.

Log Entry Earth Time: 12/25/19

Merry Christmas from the newest Friend…Bennett.

Log Entry Earth Time: 12/20/19

It is 5 Days until Christmas.  No one can believe how fast time seems to be alluding us.

Maz, Me, Jo and all the others from not around here…originally want to wish you a Happy Whatever you Celebrate!  But like Jersey Style!

Log Entry Earth Time: 8/19/19

It only makes sense that I would run into Jo at the Jersey Shore.  What I didn’t count on was her pet dinosaur.  The chick is crazy, for sure!

On our way to Winterwood we had to stop for a bridge opening 🙂

Log Entry Earth Time: 8/5/19

These guys are listening with their feet.  Ichabod said RUN, Run for your lives!!!

But they are just standing there talking about not leaving and pretending everything is okay.

Ichabod get out of town…fast.

Log Entry Earth Time: 7/24/19

Hanging out at the book store with my friend Ideal.

Log Entry Earth Time: 7/19/19

I just thought I would share a little Joy with you…ha ha ha….get it, cause her name is Joy 🙂

Log Entry Earth Time: 5/4/19

Happy Star Wars Day!  It’s like Christmas for Aliens…Documented Galaxy Travelers from New Jersey 🙂

Log Entry Earth Time: 4/21/19

Happy Easter From The V and Lil’ Frankie!

Log Entry Earth Time: 3/17/19

Happy American Irish Drinking Day!

Log Entry Earth Time: 3/1/19

This reminds me of a place I used to go skiing on.  Pluto is an amazing resort planet…um…Town.

Log Entry Earth Time: 2/23/19

Back to the place of my Crash…um…Birth…Back to my beloved Jersey Shore!

Log Entry Earth Time: 2/14/19


Log Entry Earth Time: 2/13/19

Houston, we have a problem.

Log Entry Earth Time: 2/9/19

Legoland madness was a hit!

Log Entry Earth Time: 2/7/19

The Roomie asked me to take a ride with her to the bank.

She is very much a weirdo.

Log Entry Earth Time: 2/5/19

It’s weird that people think all aliens look like this movie poster for Mars Attacks.  Martians doen’t even look like this guy.  Or so I’ve been told.

I’m pretty sure if I was an Alien, and I’m not, I’m from Jersey, I would be insulted.

I’m out!

Log Entry Earth Time: 2/2/19

Happy Groundhog Day!  We spent today at the American Treasure Tour.  Wow what a place.  The Roomie said she just wanted to play with all of the neat things here.  But alas, it is a Museum so no touching, lol!

Look it’s me and ALF.  He’s a famous Alien from the 80’s & 90’s.

Here is an Alien in the Area 51 style.  I thought this keyboard looked like a musical spaceship, lol.

There was an entire room devoted to music of all kinds.  Player pianos, music boxes, albums, pianos and an array of musical instruments.  Everyone knows I’m a big Benny Goodman fan but they had the Partridge Family too.  So…you know they are awesome!

There were cars, motorcycles and exhibits from Mardi Gras to Chuck E. Cheese.  The Roomie was digging the new Dental Exhibit because she swore that the Dentist looked just like James T. Kirk, William Shatner, lol.  The Other Roomie thought he looked more like Ryan O’Neal.  You’ll have to decide for yourself when you see it!

Great fun #americantreasuretour

Log Entry Earth Time: 2/1/19

It’s snowing and the Sun is shining in the sky.

That’s weird, right?

Log Entry Earth Time: 1/31/19

Even Aliens know there is nothing on the Moon.  It’s just where you go for a great view of Earth.

At least that’s what I would assume 😉

Log Entry Earth Time: 1/30/19

I feel like Sherlock Holmes in this picture.  I just wish I had brought my violin.

Log Entry Earth Time: 1/27/19

Weekend Adventure to The Mercer Museum and Fontill Castle.

Log Entry Earth Time: 1/21/19

Celebrating a Hero.

Log Entry Earth Time: 1/13/19

It snowed 1″ of fluffy snow and now it’s 20 degrees.  Winter is stupid.  I only say that because I come from someplace warm…um…New Jersey 😉

Log Entry Earth Time: 1/4/19

Fly Eagles Fly – The Wildcard Game Vs. The Bears

Richie The V says Good Luck youze guyz!

Log Entry Earth Time: 1/2/19

Happy New Year Humanoids….Um people!

It was a great NYE and let me tell you this Party thing is genius!

Have a Happy and Healthy 2019 from The V and Lil Frankie!

Log Entry Earth Time: 12/21/18

Hiding amongst the locals.

Log Entry 12/18/18

Singing Christmas Carols.

Log Entry Earth Time: 12/11/18

Apparently with only 14 days until Christmas Day and 13 days left for shopping The Roomie is losing her mind.  I told her that doesn’t sound fun.  At least we had fun decorating the Tree.

Log Entry Earth Time:  12/2/18

Enjoyed an Historical approach to Christmas.  Hope Lodge had their Christmas Trees display.  There was music and grog and a beautiful array of Christmas Trees.  My favorite room was the room decorated with Wizard of Oz.  A really fun time.

Log Entry Earth Time: 11/30/18

Putting up the Christmas Tree with Lil Frankie.

Log Entry Earth Time: 11/22/18

Happy Thanksgiving!

Log Entry Earth Time: 112118

Last night we had another amazing Sunset!  The V likes a good Sunset.  Yes, I talk about myself in the third person.  I don’t have to explain my art to you Warren!

Log Entry Earth Time: 112018

Richie the V and Lil’ Frankie are stoked for Thanksgiving this week.

Cheese…and Turkey Sandwiches!!!

Log Entry Earth Time:  111918

Look at this guy.  He was tapped to play The V, aka me, in a TV Show.

We all know I’m way better looking than this moke.  Just sayin’ is all.

Log Entry Earth Time: 111618

I found that snow storms are pretty to look at but they make more work for everyone.

Also, people lose their minds and forget how to drive their cars.

Log Entry Earth Time: 111518

It’s snowing.

On my homeland it’s more comparative to your summers than anything else.  This weather is very cold and snowy.  The V is not a huge fan of cold and snow.

Log Entry Earth Time: 110618


Being an Alien I’m not allowed to vote but if you are a citizen then go vote!  Go Vote NOW!!!

Log Entry Earth Time: 110118

I was still wearing my Halloween costume at the park today.  It’s that fun.  Dude, they give you candy for dressing up.  Winning!


I find I enjoy this Autumnal season very much.  So many vibrant colors.  Very nice.

Log Entry Earth Time: 10042018

My friends said I should try dressing up for Halloween.  This is the mask The Roomie chose.  I still haven’t quite got this Halloween thing down.

Log Entry Earth Time: 09272018

The V’s hanging with the Tribe.  They are all gearing up for something called Halloween.

I’m told that The Roomie is all about this Halloween and celebrates and entire human month.  I’m intrigued.

Log Entry Earth Time: 09102018

Dude I found a guy here that is a lot like me.  He’s from somewhere else that is not around here too.

I think he said his name is Bob.  He likes football too.  Yeah, I have a new friend 🙂

Log Entry Earth Time: 09072018

In Philadelphia there is this team that won a major battle last year and took a trophy for winning the contest of Football.  They call it The Super Bowl.  I’m not sure why it’s a bowl since the they play in a stadium and all the stadiums are different.  Why is it not called The Super Football?  Anyway they beat the Atlanta Falcons 18-12.  I also discovered that non-Philadelphians seem to not like the Super Football Champions.  People are strange!

Log Entry Earth Time: 09042018

What the heck is Halloween and why won’t I need a costume?  Whatever that is.

Log Entry Earth Time: 09032018

I learned some Art this weekend.  Not the painting/drawing kind.  I learned to play in a BAND!  We’ll I started my own Band because that’s how I roll!  The V is killing it on the guitar.  Move over Jimmy Page, Richie the V is master of the music scene!

Log Entry Earth Time: 08282018

Learning about Art on Earth.  We all know about the illustrious explorer James T. Kirk and I believe this is an adequate artist rendering of him.

Log Entry Earth Time: 08272018

The V here…I’m learning about foods that the Roomie eats.  It has left me quite confused.

This is what is called a Beet Chip.  I’m not sure why anyone would make Beets into a chip but, okay.  She loves them I’m like Ew factor 10, fer sure!  She said root vegetables are the best.

This is a sour gummy.  It kind of looks like I guy I once knew named…um…Ted, yes, Ted.  It makes the face pucker and the mouth drool.  Again…why?

I’ve got to GTL so I catchya later.

Log Entry Earth Time:  08252018

My arrival was as uncomfortable as these pictures make it look.  Let’s just say there is no way for a return trip home to….um…never mind…oh hey look at this…

It’s a large body of water.  One can swim and fish and frolic I guess.  Oh, it’s an Ocean.  I’m also told that the Megalodon lives there.  I have no idea what a Megalodon is but I look forward to meeting it.

These are dunes.  They provide a nice cover while running from people who are hunting you down to capture and do experiments on you.  At least that’s the intel I got from ET.  He was all…blop gee pook sec and I was like…Are you serious?!?

This is called a barbecue grill.  It cooks things like burgers and hot dogs and corn.  The food was tasty.  It’s way better than the food on Gandor Nex…um…I mean in Virginia.

This is the bay.  Which I understand is different than the Bey.  Interestingly both are pretty.

I found seaweed to be tasty but annoy when swimming.  Also, some small humanoid offered to bury me in the sand.  Not aware of the custom I agreed only to be trapped.  It’s not fun.  Note to self, beware of tiny humanoids making promises.

This is when the sun goes down on Earth and it gets dark.  The moon view was cool from this angle.  It made me long for my home…um…on the Jersey Shore with my Bros of course, even though I’m here right now.

So this is how I spent my first week in my new homeland.  Drinking beer, soaking up sun and eating weird food.

‘Merica!  I do not know why the humanoids yell this when they see this flag but when in Greplochi…’MERICA!


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