The Land of Misfit Toys – Toytopia

We take lots and lots of pictures that don’t make it to the final adventure.  Here are some of those pictures!

Out To Lunch

Saturday was Craft Fairing at Wood and Bensalem and then off to lunch at Las Margaritas.

Joyously good times with Joy 🙂

Winter Storm Avery is in town.

Joy loved it.  But she loves everything so I’m not sure that counts.

It may have started as an icky day but it ended with a beautiful Sunset 🙂

It’s almost Thanksgiving.

We all love the peak foliage.  It’s so beautiful.

Autumn is The Roomie’s favorite season.  We think it’s our too.

Joy hanging out with the Twins.

Joy is digging the planes.

Celebrating Last day of summer.

Grover in the house Yo!  Well actually he was in the Garden, lol.

Edna got to play with missiles.