The Misfit Toys

We take lots and lots of pictures that don’t make it to the Big Adventure.  Here are some of those pictures!

Happy New Year from all of Us!




Here’s to hoping the Force Awakens in 2021, lol.



Gritty Got Outside!



The Resistance: The Many Symbols


The Happy Place before it got Cold

Autumnal Joy with JE

Happy Halloween!

Arboretum Time With Charles

GB and Bruce Discuss The Arts

At The Gardens

Johnny Bananas On The Enterprise

Johnny Bananas and the Chinese Wall

A Blue Sky Day!

Seeing the Sights

Taking Time To Smell the Flowers!

Back To The Happy Place…at last!

We got to go to The Roomie’s favorite place.  She calls it her happy place.  The Arboretum is open for reservations.  It had been closed to the public because of Covid19 but it’s now open for advanced ticket sales.  It’s weird to get tickets since we are members but ya gotta do, what ya gotta do.  We went for a 20 minute snap today but it was perfect!  The Roomie is happy, we are happy and the rain held off.  More trips there are coming up.

Masks are mandatory for humans and other precautions like limited people inside at any given time (hence the advanced tickets).  All in all, it’s good to be back.  Besides the Roomie is so used to wearing her mask everywhere now.  Look for more pictures to come!

On My Nerve…Get it!  LOL.

A Message from the Misfit Toys!

The Rainbow on a Rainy Day!

Johnny Bananas Favorite Guy…CT!

Smiskis Read!

New Smiski In The House!

Xan is so happy to have a fellow Smiski in the house.  She was feeling a little lonely.  Alfie is still getting used to things outside the box.

All we know is these two are super cute together!

Smiski Fun!

Pookie and the Oddfellows

The Bratty Photoshoot

This is art?!?

I should totally be President.  My campaign would highlight the need for more beer!

Hooked on Cooking Shows

You have been Chopped!  Thank you for the feedback chef, LOL.

Nothing To See Here

I watched the game.  It was ugly.  Seattle Won.

Celebrated the New Year in my own fashion, drunk and artistically.

Then I passed out, I mean took a nap!  Yay me!

Happy New Year!  Come on 2020!

Merry Christmas!

Ghost Batman Found A New Friend

Her name is Temperance and she’s a big fancy doctor type.  She also is a crime fighter too.

She’s kind of dry but likes when others have fun.

Just like GB.  Look at that smile!

Jeff The Clone Writes

So I noticed my value rising on the market and thought this would be a great time to write my autobiography.

It’s just a working Title.  I was off to a great start until….

I got writer’s block and crashed on the keyboard.  I will keep trying because I think I have an interesting life that people want to know about.

Spying On Jeff the Clone

When Your AirBNB Isn’t Quite What You Expected

Just A Cool Picture of Howie

The Best Thing About Being A Toy

Goofing around with other toys.

Being a Rock Star!


Being made with chiseled abs.  It’s like that all of the time.  Goofy face…rock hard abs!  Winning!

Happy Halloween!

Be safe out there!

An Afternoon on the Delaware River

It was an overcast day but still quite lovely.

Pookie Noodlin Does Karoke with the Girls!

Noodlin Goes Outside!

Gearing Up for Halloween 🙂

You Look Familiar

That’s Pookie’s chair Newbie…get out!!

This FNG is making me something, something.  There is nothing left but to drink it all away!

Rules Suck!

Brad wasn’t very happy with this sign.  So he had to go drink in the park instead.

Sometimes Batman likes to play with his pet Dinosaur

Pookie Noodlin Gets a New Chair and a Beer

Screw Mondays

Tut, Tut It Looks Like Rain

One more rain and then a nice day 🙂

It’s Friday…

I’m already getting my beer on and ready for some BTVS on the old boob-tube.

It’s like my super power.  Well sarcasm is my real super power but drinking beer is like my minor power.

Chick Flick Time!

James T Is Cooking With Julia

Pookie Noodlin Does Some Summer Reading

4th of July!

Pookie’s Attempts To Make It Stop Raining

Well it almost worked, lol.

Driving To Work In The Rain

Scary Movie Friday

Car Show Day at Hope Lodge

Blue Sky Days

It’s a Groovy Dance Party

Claire Loves 70’s Game Shows

The Roomie got Claire hooked on Tattletales with Burt Convey.  The House is 70’s Game Show central these days!

Bratman and Cookies

Parts of me fall off all the time.  Everyone goes crazy…’Oh No!’…I’m like get me another beer and lets pop that sucker back in!

The Roomie gave me some Animal Crackers to make me feel better.  But like I’ve already stated a Beer would have been way better.  Then I found out she got these “crackers” free at the Acme.  WTF!?!  Oh and in Gotham they are fracking cookies…not crackers!

See how happy I am….ha ha ha!

Miranda, Julia and Jacques Cook with Butter!

Marta Wonders Where Spring Is?


Farewell Basketball Season…Farewell 76ers

It was a fun and rowdy season!  Thanks for the Memories!

Someone Drinks To Much

Like why are you judging me.  I Uber everywhere.  I’m may drink too much but I’m not that stupid.

The Roomie took these pictures last weekend.

She is a pretty mean and terrible person.  Or not…I mean she did put this blanket on me.  So I guess that was nice.

Have a good weekend peeps!  Don’t Drink and Drive!

A Moment of Silence For Our Dear Shelly

Happy Cooking and Bon Appetit!

All Hail Julia Child!

All Hail Jacques Pepin!


Happy Vernal Equinox!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the Misfits

Ghostman’s Photoshoot

DP Thinks He’s A Celebrity…Spoiler Alert!  He’s NOT, lol!

DP Having A Bad Day

Leprechauns Make Great Villains

Photo Shoot Gone Rogue

Best Friends

Pookie Noodlin and Dickie have been best buds for ions.  They make a beautiful couple even though they aren’t a romantic couple.

Their latest Photo Shoot.

They just like to hang out.  DP isn’t a fan but no one cares what he thinks, lol.

Can’t Find A Name For Our Band

Jeff the Clone still likes War of the Worlds.  It kind of sounds a little too SyFy for the rest of us.

Everyone Loves The Motorbike

The debate became…who looks cooler?

Lenny Loving The Snow

Lenny and Shelly are Cool

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Weekend Adventure to Mercer Museum and Fonthill Castle

Winter Storm Gia

O Tannenbaum!

Only 14 day to go!

The Christmas Season Begins!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Lenny is gearing up for his favorite Thanksgiving movie.  It is the movie you jump start the Holiday Season with!

Miracle on 34th Street, BABY!

Grover is Groovie through Autumn

SnapChat Joy

How else could a person have a T-Rex on their head except with SnapChat.

Joy loves this app.

She thought it was a hoot she got to be a puppy, lol.

Out To Lunch

Saturday was Craft Fairing at Wood and Bensalem and then off to lunch at Las Margaritas.

Joyously good times with Joy 🙂

Winter Storm Avery is in town.

Joy loved it.  But she loves everything so I’m not sure that counts.

It may have started as an icky day but it ended with a beautiful Sunset 🙂

It’s almost Thanksgiving.

We all love the peak foliage.  It’s so beautiful.

Autumn is The Roomie’s favorite season.  We think it’s our too.

Joy hanging out with the Twins.

Joy is digging the planes.

Celebrating Last day of summer.

Grover in the house Yo!  Well actually he was in the Garden, lol.

Edna got to play with missiles.



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