Trixie Hopper

My names is Trixie Hopper.  My friends call me Hop.  I am an inter dimensional traveler.  I like all time.  These are my adventures in this Dimension.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Charter Day at Hope Lodge!

The music was delightful!

More Snow!  Winter Storm Ryan!

SNOW DAY!!!  Well for me.  I love snow days 🙂

This snow is pretty deep for me.  Thank goodness it was only 3″ because anything more than 4″ and I’m attached to another object by an inclined plane, wrapped helically around an axis.

Popping to the Jersey Shore for the Day.

Who doesn’t like a beach day?  Granite it was very cold and windy and cold but dude…it’s the beach!

They have the most awesome cheese cake in Tuckahoe, NJ.  So yummy delicious!

It really is Happiness or at least a slice of it anyway 🙂

Reality TV Shows?

I was introduced to this show called Survivor.  I was intrigued.  We later watched The Roomie’s 2nd favorite show (Big Bang Theory is #1) called The Goldbergs.  She said she was sad they didn’t buy a house in neighboring Jenkintown.  She wanted to yell JTP every time she came home.  Yeah, because that wouldn’t be annoying at all, lol.

I’m really enjoying this dimension.  Winter Storm Petra blew into town.  It was really beautiful.

Happy Interdimensional Valentine’s Day!

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Rockin’ Roll Bunny!

Oh hey, the sun came out today, lol.

After some coffee with my new friends I decided to have some quiet time and read.

Apparently today is something called “Sparkling Mug Day”.  The whole office was a buzz!

Bad weather day.  Winter Storm Maya has dumped a mess on us.

Not so much fun Tuesday!

I have a busy life with all my traveling from dimension to dimension.  It’s fun but also stressful.

I enjoy reading and I collect maps.

This is my friend Lenny.  He loves math and is a cool dude.  Not cooler than me but a close second.