All The Trolls

Our family is fun so we wanted our own page and Bjorn said…”Whatevs…”.

On a cold winters day

Reading Day!

Hedda is a big fan of John Grisham.  What’s your favorite?

MLK, Jr. Day!

Happy New Year!

Look, I’m a Gremlin!

Elroy Fish and the Chick Flick!

It’s Almost Shark Week…yeah!

Happy Star Wars Day!

Bjorn Got A Light Sabre!

On The Set!

Hanging out with Cricket!

Happy Easter from the Maelstrom Family!

Elsa and Bantly’s Weekend Adventure

American Treasure Tour Museum

Elroy Fish Says It Should Stop Raining Now!

Bjorn’s Weekend Adventure

We went to the Mercer Museum and Fonthill Castle.

Both the Museum and Fonthill house the various collections of Henry Chapman Mercer.

Fonthill Castle was the home built by Henry Mercer.  It was designed by him as well.  An oddity worth seeing!

Mr. Nigel Murray Misses England

I can’t believe there was a Castle near us all of this time.  I miss the old Castles from Britain so to find this little gem was warm to my troll heart.  Not that I would like to live in one again.  Those halls are drafty and cold.  I will stick with our little commune instead.


Winter Storm Gia was a let down

Gia only gave us 1″ of snow.  It’s pretty and all but a troll can’t make a snow fort from 1″ of snow, js.

Fly Eagles Fly – The Wildcard Game Vs. The Bears

Happy New Year from Bjorn and Family!

Look I’m an Elf

Boone Loves his personal Tree!

Our Tree

Ho Ho Ho We Are Santa’s Elves

Elsa is practicing her best Santa.

Boone Wishes all a Happy Hanukkah

Bantley is Thankful for Everything!

Happy Thanksgiving from our Troll family to yours!

Boone is ready for Turkey Time.

Elroy Fish Goes To The Beach

I’m a Giant, not a Troll

Football Season 2018

It’s not as much fun this season.  It’s been a rocky start for our Super Bowl Champions the Philadelphia Eagles (2-2).

We are still cheering the boys on to victory.  There is a lot more season ahead!  #flyeaglesfly

It Is Almost October

Ingrid and Hedda jumped on board for the early Halloween photo shoot!  Voguing never looked so Troll good!

Elroy Fish Takes In A Sunset

The Last Day of Summer

It’s Raining and There Was Nature

Hedda had a lot of fun visiting the Arboretum 🙂

It’s Eagles Season!

Went To The Shore Troll Style

Bjorn and Ingrid’s Swedish cousin Hedda has moved into the house!  The Roomie picked her up in New Jersey and suggested she move in!

Seriously Thinking of Building An Ark

Laughing with Sharks

Pool Side – aka It’s Really Hot

G Graduated!  We All Partied!

Music and Good Times!

Hey, Look….More Rain!

Elsa says the garden is watered enough how about a little break in the rain.  Not a complete break, just a little one 🙂

Summer Reading

Memorial Day 2018

9 out of 10 Days…It rained.

Garden Festival on The Hill

Hooters For Wings!

Tut Tut It Looks Like Armageddon!

Rock the Vote!

Mama…I love you!

Moustache…it’s fun to say!

The Roomie’s Garden

May The Fourth Be With You

It’s 91 Degrees in May!

So we went to the Gardens..

We are all into these Video Games!

Watching Some Telly

Springing Into Spring

Happy Siblings Day!

Just Being A Troll…Ingrid Thinks It Feels Good

Ingrid loves Pokemon


















Look…snow angels

Hey Ginger…Call Me!

Although I went Fishing this isn’t the fish I caught…Mine looked very similar though

Swimming all day….yeah it rocks!

The Boys are Back! Watch out y’all!!!

The Roomie Said I look Gay in this picture…Gay now FABULOUS…but of course!

Wildwood, New Jersey 🙂

Behold my Awesomeness!!! I am too awesome 🙂

Bjorn and the Sunken Ship