Homie The Gnomie

Homie was and Elf once upon a time who became a Garden Gnome (not by choice).  He was uprooted from his home of many years and sold on Ebay.  The Roomie knew he had to be saved so she out bid others and won Homie his freedom.  He prefers to be known as a tall Gnome even if he was born and Elf.  It’s the life he always lived.  Now, Homie goes on adventures with the housemates and The Roomie.  He enjoys a quiet but fun life.  Most importantly, he is a free Gnome!

The One Where Homie Enjoys The Pool

The One Where Homie Watches Survivor

The One Where Homie Loves the Forest!

Spring Showers…or Torrential Down Pours?

The One Where Hanging in My Own Garden

Star Wars Day! – May The Fourth!

It’s a Star Wars Marathon!

To The Garden I Go!

It was 91 Degrees today.  May 3, and it was 91 Degrees!  Yikes!

Another Good Spring Day

Springing Into Spring