I’m just a reproduction of a famous dude.  I live an ordinary life.  People always say…”you know who you look like?”.  Yup, I know.  Anyway, I have a good life at the house.  I’ve been friends with Bjorn since 2009 and we’ve had some real good fun over the years.

I began my humble beginnings in Orlando, Florida.  Just like Bjorn who was found by The Roomie in 2004 at Epcot’s Norway.  I was discovered in 2009 in the Magic Kingdom.  Bjorn had a very bad accident and his hands fell off.  So for the rest of the trip The Roomie needed a new “Travel Buddy”.  The two of us were where the adventures began for her.

Vacation at Wildwood Crest, NJ 2019

Hope Lodge, Ft. Washington, PA.

When it rains a lot…this happens.  Wissahickon Creek, Philadelphia, PA.

I love when I get to go home to Florida.  It’s good to see the old home town looking good.

These are the first two pictures The Roomie took of me.   It was so funny because the Roomie is short and the man behind her held me up for a better picture.  They all had some laughs and she made some ‘line’ friends 🙂  Oh my gosh, I sure do love Disney World.  I’m not just saying it because it was my home but it is a magical place.

The Roomie’s favorite ride…Space Mountain.

A little more local.  Fort Mifflin, Philadelphia, PA

The Sunken Ship, Cape May, New Jersey

The Roomie hustled up the steps of the Lighthouse and the view was spectacular…and very windy, lol.

Valley Forge, PA.

Scranton, PA – The Office Convention

South of the Border – South Carolina


Peter Wentz’s Farmstead – Skippack, PA.