Miranda’s Busy Day

Mornings are made for ruckus like events!

After having a snooze on the sofa she then celebrated the Naming of Baby Sussex.  Welcome to the world Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.  It’s hard having a hyphenated name let alone one this long.  Archie is cute though 🙂

She put on a little fashion show and then watched some Match Game 75.  It’s one of her favorite shows.

Thing is was time to say good by to her imaginary friends from 1975 and head to the office for work.

It was a long day but a sunny one.

Miranda took some time to smell the flowers and enjoy “Deck Time” before The Roomie order out dinner of wings and fries for everyone!  She watched Survivor and then fell asleep.  It was a long joyful day for Miranda!

Hanging with Dwayne

There was a big storm that passed through our little town and WOW did it rain.  The lightening was cool 😉  Since I had to power down my computer to wait out the storm and since Dwayne doesn’t to jack around the office we decided to go all VOGUE.

Dwayne you Ditz...you're blocking my shot!

Because it's all about MEEEEE!!!!

How about them Phillies beating Cleveland today?

No really...Peanut Butter is good for your hair...seriously

tut tut it looks like rain

A little Gaga makes the rain less rainy

And this is how Dwayne and I spent our S.H.I.T.  (Shit Honey Its Thursday) 😉

The Sunburned Troll

OMG was it awesome today or was it awesome today?  Yep…wicked awesome!   The sunrises the last couple of mornings have been nothing short of spectacular and the days so warm that I think my nose got sunburned today at lunch.

Here Comes The Sun

The beautiful sunrise was where my perfect day ended.  I was trying to deal with the Walker Clips and things got a little out of hand.  I offer exhibit A)


So at lunch time while the Roomie was off skipping and running over little old ladies while skipping I was playing Rock Band…okay I didn’t have my Wii but think of it as the Rolling Stone version of Rock Band.  The part were I do a photo shoot and say slurry inappropriate things.  I did my best at being Keith Richards but I’m not sure I totally pulled it off because I didn’t have my guitar with me.  Maybe I can bring it tomorrow and take some more pictures and then serenade the masses with my rendition of ‘Bjorn to be Wild’!

Bjorn To Be Wild

Tonight I’m going to party like it’s 1919.

Even On Good Friday The Mets Suck

…That’s what she said…HA!

Yesterday Scooter and I Modeled the Before and After of his new look.  The look is reminiscent of his day in Boot Camp but it’s a stylin’ do.  As is evident in the pictures below.

And Scooter looks so happy….

Smile Scooter 🙂

Today I was all havin’ a cup of joe when Scooter surprises me with his wardrobe today…YEAH MAN…The Mets do suck.  I quick grabbed my sign to take some pictures because it was too awesome a moment to miss!

So far the day is starting off to an awesome tune.



I took some time to smell the flowers…

p.s.s.  The Mets still suck!


So yesterday I was trying to help out by answering the phone and well, as you can see below, that didn’t go well.  Sometimes being a Troll sucks but on the upside I got to dance with the Roomie in the lobby in front of the security camera 😉  Can you say KC and the Sunshine Band?  YA!

Hello…is this thing on????

In my defense of the phone fiasco.  I have two broken arms ya’ll!  Oh well, today will be much better.

Gone Out To Dinner

Worked hard today so I went out to dinner with my roommate and her sister.  Pick two is the way to go if you ask me and if you didn’t ask…why not?

The company was good and the food good.  We had a chat which is always nice.  I got to share my weekend adventures and had a few chuckles too.

I had a very productive day at work.  Jenn even took a picture of me working hard.

Tonight a little TV and then some major ZZZzzz’s.