So Old Friends Say Goodbye

Some old friends or enemies come to say goodbye to The Dark Lord 45.


I tried to help him but you know how DL is, difficult.

Sometimes it’s just best to walk away and not deal with difficult people.

Bern doesn’t work like that.  “Get out…You’re FIRED!”.  Bern said that felt really good saying that!

Every Vote Counts…Or Not

So the Dark Lord 45 has decided that he wants a recount.  Wait…I think I’ve seen this movie….Randolph, Mortimer Duke is that you?

Every vote counts…unless they are for the other guy then I think we should just uncount them, right?

Ruthie tried to explain it to the Dark Lord 45 but he only hears blah, blah, blah…I’m the winner!

Leo Misses Halloween

Yes, Haloweentown is embarking on next year’s frights but Leo doesn’t live in Halloweentown.  Leo lives in the suburbs with a host of other toys.  While Leo describes himself as more decorative than a toy he is loved in the land of Ferristopia.

He is adjusting to life outside of his dedicated Holiday.  This whole Thanksgiving thing is messing him up but he said he’s game.  Hope he loves it as much as all the other Misfits do 🙂

The First Fire Pit of the Season

It finally got a little cooler in the neighborhood to have a nice fire pit.  No worries it was safe and in a safe zone.

We made S’mores and laughed and had a nice evening until the fire drew down.  It’s getting more summerish again but for those 2 days it was like autumn had come early.  Hopefully we get more of these good times again soon.  There wasn’t much laboring during the Labor Day Weekend!

Tonight…more rain.  Well at least we aren’t in a drought.