Scary Movies But Why?

As a crime fighter Barb liked the idea of guessing the killer in Scream.

Pookie Noodlin had a different opinion on it but she got Barb’s take on it all.


Getting A Jump On The Weekend

Bratty’s favorite drinking buddy is Fear.  That can get intense sometimes.

Sometimes Bratty starts his weekend drinkfest at work.  Sometimes that’s not the best idea, lol.

Rainy Days and Mondays

Rainy Days and Mondays always get The Dark Lord down especially when his favorite amalgam just won’t go away.

Yup…she’s like his shadow friend these days.  Fun for HRC not so fun for The Dark Lord.

To make matters worse The Dark Lord’s Propaganda Machine is being mean to him.  It’s okay he’s handling it like he handles everything.  He cries and pees his pants.

Tom Ato thinks there is a resemblance between Pennywise and The Dark Lord.  It makes sense he thinks that, lol.

Our Salute to Pride Month!

We live in Pride that the LGBTQ Community have survived being marginalized and victimized.  We can marry legally now.  The Roomie said she never thought she see that day.  The days of living with your love only to tell people we are “special friends”.

Love is Love.  It really is just that simple.  Let people live their own lives.  If you don’t agree then don’t bother yourself.  It’s just that simple too.

The Start of the Summer Season

We got to go swimming at our friend’s house.  It was still a little cold but refreshing at the same time.

Such a good time with The Roomies.  We hope to get more swimming in this summer.

Pookie Noodlin was so exhausted when we got home she sacked out almost right away.  Still a lot of fun was had 🙂