Bananas New Favorite Show on Netflix

So we stumbled across this show called The Ultimate Beastmaster.  It’s kind of like Ninja Warrior but harder and teams from a series of Countries try to defeat the Beast.

His favorite commentators are from South Korea!  These two are super animated and fun!

They also enjoy fun props, lol.  Check it out on Netflix.

The Devil’s Perfect Summer Day

No, not that Devil silly!  Dare Devil got out today because it was a perfect summer day.  Blue skies, low humidity, a beautiful breeze and only 80 degrees!

We went to the farm near us and just did some meditating in a meadow of chicory.

They were working hard mowing the meadows for feed.  DD and The Roomie just enjoyed the beauty of it all.

Land Shark Hangs Out On Land During Shark Week

Now that’s a Headline, lol.

Okay…there was some water involved.  There was a babbling Brook or some call stream.  Babbling Brook seems more poetic, don’t you think?

We got word from the Weather Folks that, although some sporadic rain, it will be a lovely next couple of days!  Yeah!!!

The Dark Lord…

The Dark Lord 45 now wants to be called the Supreme Leader.  He heard it in that movie and loved the sound of it.  We all rolled our eyes at him.

He is just angry he can’t play golf today.  Honestly, it’s the only thing he does well.

This is Caleb yesterday morning.

This is Caleb just a few moments ago.

The theme is rain, followed by more rain.  It’s good for the Garden but The Roomie says it just makes summer steamier, lol.

So Far…Not so Happy

The Roomie said she’s getting down because people won’t just act like human beings and wear their masks.  Ferris Smurf agrees and is also a little blue (ha ha ha) about it too.

Then Mr. Nigel Murray then had more not so great news of a new tropical storm forming in the Gulf.  Gonzalo, might end up dumping a boat load of rain on our village.

Ain’t nobody got time for that!  It would be nice to have good news in 2020.

Blue Sky Day

It was also very humid and hot but the sky was beautiful!

Gordo and his friend were watching TV.  It was a Murder, She Wrote marathon.  Who knew Gordo was such a fan of Jessica Fletcher?

Miranda is more about True Crime.  She said she could have totally been a crime expert if she wasn’t a toy.

It was a quiet day of vids.

Hopping with Hopper

Sometimes Time Travel is easy.  Like today.

I just hop on the TT Line and boom…

It’s 1957 and I’m getting a Malted at the Shoppe.

It’s 1978 and I’m hanging out with Devo.  You know, cause we’re not men…We are Devo!

Speaking of the 1970’s what is with this crazy ass wallpaper?

Sometimes I just fly by major cities like New York in the 1970’s on my way to the 1980’s.  No matter what I tend to have lots of fun doing.  I hope you get to do something you love today!  Peace!