Okay I’m not really Iron Man.  If anything I’m Iron Troll!

Iron Man (aka Tony Stark) came to visit me at lunch today.

We started talking about baseball.  He’s a Mets fan…I’m like really…a Mets fan.  Well one thing led to another and we were wrestling around.

And as my Roomie likes to say…’It’s all fun and games until someone loses a leg’.

I just want to go on record saying that Iron Man is a WIMP!  Superman would have kicked my butt.  And I’m dang sure he wouldn’t have fallen apart so easily.  He was just all broken up about it…HA, HA, HA!  Get it…all broken up!  Yeah…I’m a funny Troll.

In the end we made up.  I forgave him for being a Mets Fan and he agreed to wave my Phillies Banner!  However, I don’t think we’ll be doing lunch again any time in the future.

Alistair Has Something To Say!

I’m not sure how much longer Bjorn’s going to let me blog.  I’m taking the opportunity to post before he kicks me off.  That said…Please enjoy my pictorial homage to the fact the Mets Suck (They are playing the Phighting Phillies this weekend).

And the Phillies Rock!!!

Well All…I hope that you enjoy your weekend as I am sure too!  Ta!

Lunch Review with Alistair

Being a Troll I’m more about leaves and grasses.  So to say I’m a salad person would be spot on.  Every once and a blue moon I will branch out of my comfort zone.  This was the case for lunch.  I ordered a BLT.  Really they should have just called it a Bacon Sandwich.  This is the bacon I removed from the sandwich.

Bacon is good for what ails you...true story

It might not look all that impressive to you but the guys ate a bunch of it and the other bunch was still on my sandwich 😉

I also tried the Onion Rings.  I wasn’t overly impressed and passed them off to the guys because they will eat anything.  No really…they will.

Onion Ring Hula Hoop anyone?

Um…did you notice that all my Troll luck was aimed at the Phillies who pulled out a victory in 11 innings?  Yeah, that was awesome.

p.s.  Still no word from Bjorn.  I guess he’s having too good a time to call home.  I hate that Troll 😉

Lacking A Certain Bjorniness

Part Two of the Connecticut trip is pending.  My friend Bjorn hasn’t been home since and has stopped texting me so I have no idea what’s up with that.  Anyway I’ve been covering for him at the office so I thought why the heck shouldn’t I post on his blog!  I’ve got adventures too damn it!

My name is Alistair…I’m a British Troll…yes they have British Trolls…hello you are looking at my picture aren’t you!?!  Sorry for the outburst I’m used to sleeping all day.

We are all gearing up for the Phillies game today.  So I got all my Phillies things happening to get the Mojo working!

Alistair the Phillies Phan!

Big Tuna was a little shocked to see me again today.  He thought Bjorn would be back by now.

Big Tuna and Alistair

Well the day is almost over an I can’t wait to get home and watch the rest of the Phillies game with my fish…Bob.

Alistair and Bob the Fish

Go Phillies….