The Day After Halloween

I always think I will post on Halloween Day and it rarely ever happens.  The Roomie is usually fluttering around in happiness and I get side tracked.

Edgar the Nisse and Richie the V wanted to wear the same Charlie Brown costume.  We all agreed The V wore it better, much better.

We watched The Nightmare Before Christmas again.

Apparently all the Pumpkinheads love this back drop.  Of course they do, lol.

Temperance is also a big fan of Frankenstein, just like The Roomie.

She also spent the day watching her favorite show Bones.  She loves the Halloween Episode from Season 11, The Resurrection in the Remains.  It’s the Sleepy Hollow crossover.

Everyone had a good time and now on to Autumn and Thanksgiving 🙂


Um…It Rained A Lot!

Oh Sandy…you made me sad.  You made me eat too much while laying around the apartment.

We had a Hurricane…her name was Sandy…She was Satan in disguise.  Happy Belated Halloween!

Another Bjorn-a-licious Weekend

I hung out with Bean and The Roomie this weekend.  They took me to a Halloween thingy.  Someone told me my costume was amazing.  Um Rude much.  I digress.
We had a lot of fun and as you can see below the kid who jumped in my photo was digging me too!


Without my smiling face...

Bringing Joy to the Masses!

It was an awesome weekend!


Autumn Adventures

Autumn festivus is really getting in full go mode in our little block of the woods.  We’ve been lucky that the weather has  been very cooperative with our many adventures.  The Roomie’s kind of a stinker when it’s cold and rainy out and I drag her through the woods.  I think it’s the spider thing.

The Arts Festival on the Hill

The Chestnut Hill Arts Festival was this weekend and it was a lot of fun.  This is one of my favorite towns within the “Big City” and by big city I am of course referring to PHILADELPHIA.

Someday you'll see me on this stage!

B101 was on hand for some musicus festivus

We even managed to squeeze in a Craft Show this weekend where the Roomie got lots of Halloween stuff.  Me I got a candy apple…you know…because I have priorities!

Here Housed the Craft Fair

And this wasn’t all I did this weekend.  This Troll is hot and happenin’!