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The Lorax Is Going To Be Pissed!

I’m pretty sure this is how you anger The Lorax.  At least that’s what I’ve read.

The Halloweenies Come Out Early

Yes it is only September but The Roomie has decided that this year has been a bummer for the most part.  Halloween season will last 2 months this year!

The leaves have even decided that Fall should begin early too!

Now we wait for the cooler temperatures and then it will be perfect!

More Rain…Fun

We are still getting wraparound bands of rain from Isaias.  Normally we don’t mind rain but sometimes when we get so much all at once it’s not so much fun.

Gordo loved the park.  They’ve been dealing with fallen trees.

We are all sad when trees fall down or are taken down.

Because of the infestation of Spotted Lantern Flies some became week and fell on their own during storms, like this one.

The grass is getting high but that’s okay because it adds to the mystery of the landscape 🙂

Where Do The Weekends Go?

Gordo is learning how life goes at the House.  The Roomies have Baywatch Time.  We all think he is digging CJ.  It’s just and observation.  We went for a drive to just see the world but without getting out of the car.  The Roomie took this picture of Gordo and the clouds from her rolled down window, lol.

The weather was actually half way decent yesterday so The Roomie decided to BBQ.  Gordo loves the backyard.  She worked hard on it yesterday mowing and trimming and stuff.

Gordo helped.  He’s just fitting in nicely with all of us.

Burgers were done so it was time to eat.  Hope you all had a good weekend too!

Oh…Spring Is Back…

The weather this year has been as unpredictable as the year itself.  We’ve been having August like weather with muggy humid and rainy heated days.  Then we will get one or two days of seasonal Spring like weather.  Back to Summer again.

Today….today is beautiful and sunny with lower humidity.

Signe was just glad to be outside in her safe environment.

Bjorn…or Slash

Rock Star Bjorn?!?

Signe and Georgia

Signe and Georgia just hanging out with The Roomie.

Sometimes Fridays are like that when it’s 83 degrees and hot/humid outside.  A/C for everyone!

Taking A Little Walk

Maz hits the streets for her daily constitutional.

Safety first though.  Please look both ways!

If walking at night…wear reflective surfaces please.  No one wants to run over you by accident.  Thank you.

Veterans Day

It is with great respect…

We say thank you…

For your Service and Strength…

You are the best of America!

A Crisp Autumn Day

Pookie Noodlin is so enjoying the cooler temps.  But alas, we will go from Autumnish to Winter in a blink.  A polar vortex is approaching our region.

Pablo says boo-hiss to the massive traffic messes in our area.  It seems that the township thought it best to hire a total FNG to do a major road project so instead of taking 6 weeks we are now into 8 weeks with no end in sight 😦  The Roomie gives it a boo-hiss too.