A Crisp Autumn Day

Pookie Noodlin is so enjoying the cooler temps.  But alas, we will go from Autumnish to Winter in a blink.  A polar vortex is approaching our region.

Pablo says boo-hiss to the massive traffic messes in our area.  It seems that the township thought it best to hire a total FNG to do a major road project so instead of taking 6 weeks we are now into 8 weeks with no end in sight 😦  The Roomie gives it a boo-hiss too.


It’s Halloween…Hurrah!

We began our All Hallow’s Eve with the movie “Hocus Pocus”.

Then the Roomie was all Photo shoot mode.

We then watched “The Nightmare Before Christmas”.

So much fun had be all of us.  This is just the first half of our day. We all can’t wait to see what comes next!

Less Than A Week Until Halloween

The housemates are a buzz with Halloween fast approaching.  The Roomie loves Halloween very much so the house is totally decorated.

We got outside at lunchtime today.  It is a crisp day and the colors are starting to change.

The Roomie had to be pushed into going back to work, lol.  She said, ‘it’s to perfect a day to be indoors”.

The Great Pumpkin was taking some rest time before the big day next week!

It was indeed a perfect day 🙂