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Sometimes It’s A Star Wars Day

The Admiral was in the mood for a Star Wars Marathon.  So we had one…

We are watching in order.  After finishing Rogue One we moved on to Episode IV: A New Hope.  The Roomie was telling us all what it was like to see this movie in the Theater in 1977.  Yes, she is wicked old, lol.

Books and Art

Bennett just finished this Murder, She Wrote book.  B gave it 3 stars.  The gang has been really into art lately too.

Our favorite astronaut loved this piece called “Hearts”.  The Roomie said she loved those tasty hearts when she was a wee one.

Bennett Living The Best Life

Bennett is getting the groovy going.  Meeting new toys and making life long friends.

Just having the best time.  It’s not easy being the grooviest Margoian in the Galaxy.

It’s been a Rocking Christmas and New Year’s so far!

Happy New Year From All The Misfits

We all hope you have a Safe and Wonderful New Year Celebration!  Bring on 2020!

Happy Kwanzaa!

Going Home For The Holidays

Jeff the Clone went home to help decorate for the Christmas season.

A beautiful little planet that is mostly blue.

Oh, look there is a party going on.

Jeff the Clone decided to decorate this outside tree because he forgot he doesn’t like many people.

The Cooler Side

It snowed today.  The weather people didn’t say it was going to snow.  This week they are 0 for 2, lol.

Maz took a spin on the pink hanging thing.

On an unrelated topic….Howie wanted me to post his latest SnapChat because he said he looks uber cool!

I must agree…he does, lol.

Happy Thanksgiving From The Misfits

From all of us to all of you…A Very Happy Thanksgiving!

Don’t eat to much 🙂

Jeff Is Getting His Grove On

Dancing with the Gang.

We all know how much Jeff the Clone loves to cut a rug!

Autumn We Love You!

It’s been so humid and miserable of a summer that now we want nothing but cooler temps and sweet cool breezes.

Just hanging out on the back deck with The Roomie and the puppies is delightful.  Every once in a while the heat tries to make its way back into our world.  Dude, it’s October, you’ve had your turn!

The Roomie keeps talking about having a fire pit night but so far we haven’t seen it because it’s been to warm on the weekends.  Fingers crossed we get to have one this weekend!