Smurfing It

So Ferris Smurf was bored.  It happens a lot these days with the Misfits.

FS went to work with The Roomie but was still bored.

The Roomie asked Ferris Smurf what do you want to do?

Apparently FS wanted to watch Star Wars.  Ferris Smurf is easy peasy to work with for a bored Smurf, lol.

2 More Days Til Christmas

We will be super busy the next two days so we wanted to wish everyone an early Happy Christmas!

The group of Misfit Toys are super excited this year and are really for the festivities to begin!

Pookie Noodlin is almost finished reading A Christmas Carol.

Miranda is singing the Carols.

To all of you from all of us…Merry Christmas!

On The Tube: Survivor

We watch Survivor on Wednesdays.  It’s a good show.  The Roomie likes it because it’s a lot like MTV’s The Challenge.  Well, minus the drinking and crazy fights, lol.

This is one of the peeps headed to the Island of the Idols.

This is The Challenge with Cara Maria leaving the pit after failing to win against Laurel in the Season of Free Agents.

Back to Survivor where it’s always raining, lol.

Can’t Talk Now…Watching The Crown on Netflix

The Roomie was watching the Netflix hit “The Crown” and got us all hooked.  She’s evil that way.


Eddie was especially into the mini series.  He went about talking in a British Accent.


We also suspect he has a crush on The Queen…or perhaps it’s Claire Foy.  He doesn’t seem to differentiate between the two.


Chef Blue loved the costume but really he wanted to see more food on the table.  The group pretty much all liked it.  Bjorn is sure he would have liked it had he had time to watch.  Instead he was working on his new career.  We have no idea what that means or what that is but Bjorn is happy and that’s all that matters, lol.