The First Fire Pit of the Season

It finally got a little cooler in the neighborhood to have a nice fire pit.  No worries it was safe and in a safe zone.

We made S’mores and laughed and had a nice evening until the fire drew down.  It’s getting more summerish again but for those 2 days it was like autumn had come early.  Hopefully we get more of these good times again soon.  There wasn’t much laboring during the Labor Day Weekend!

Tonight…more rain.  Well at least we aren’t in a drought.

All About The Clouds

The Roomie has been into cloud watching recently.  We really aren’t sure why this is now a thing for her, lol.

Signe thinks they are neat too.  She wishes it was colder and snowy but other than that the clouds are cool.  Since Homie used to live outside in a garden in bad weather and all he’s just into looking at them and then sleeping in a nice comfy bed at night out of the elements.

Gordo’s favorite…definitely the storm clouds.  We’ve had quite a few of these lately.  Hurricane Laura brought us clouds and rain over a couple of days.  Any way you look at it, the clouds are like sky art 🙂

Another Rainy Day

Homie doesn’t really care it’s raining again.  It’s been a while since he’s been outside.

Home drove to work this morning and thought the clouds looked cool so we took some pictures.

It’s at least cooler than it had been.  So YAY!  Well off to make the donuts!

Summer Is…Hot

The Roomie is convinced that the people who actually like Summer all live near the ocean, lol.

Sunny, hot and very humid.  It’s too hot though.

Weather Dudes are calling for scattered thunder storms with the potential for heavy rains.  Well isn’t that fun.  Keep dry peoples!

Shark Week Fun

We had some fun doing a photo shoot for Shark Week.


(The Dark Lord)

(Boone and Mr. Nigel Murray)

We just like to goof around sometimes and since going out on adventures is kind of curtailed this is what we do now, lol.

More Rain…Fun

We are still getting wraparound bands of rain from Isaias.  Normally we don’t mind rain but sometimes when we get so much all at once it’s not so much fun.

Gordo loved the park.  They’ve been dealing with fallen trees.

We are all sad when trees fall down or are taken down.

Because of the infestation of Spotted Lantern Flies some became week and fell on their own during storms, like this one.

The grass is getting high but that’s okay because it adds to the mystery of the landscape 🙂